Hyundai Genesis press kit (2014)

01.10.2014 Press information

Smart HTRAC all-wheel-drive system delivers security

All-New Genesis is equipped with Intelligent driving modes suited for preferred personal driving preferences and changing road conditions.

01.10.2014 Press information

Smooth and progressive power delivery for an effortless driving

All-New Genesis has been engineered and developed to provide drivers with a potent level of performance to ensure unruffled progress.

01.10.2014 Press information

All-New Genesis - a demonstration of capability

All-New Genesis is a high-technology premium sedan that clearly demonstrates Hyundai’s capabilities in a number of key areas, including technology, style, comfort and driving pleasure.

01.10.2014 Press information

Refined exterior style, premium interior space

The exterior of All-New Genesis is defined by elegant proportions and clean lines that reflect its natural poise and superior driving dynamics.

01.10.2014 Press information

Advanced infotainment delivers occupant satisfaction

Drivers and passengers of All-New Genesis will enjoy access to an array of equipment that ensures their safety and allows them to stay informed and entertained at all times.


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