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Live blog: Hyundai at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show

Welcome LIVE from the Palexpo for one of the biggest events in the automotive calendar: the Geneva International Motor Show 2018. Check back during the day for live updates and exclusive content.
At the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show, Hyundai Motor will celebrate several world and European premieres - all set to be revealed at 10:15 am (CET).
The All-New Kona Electric, the first fully-electric subcompact SUV on the European market, combines SUV style and eco-mobility and it will receive its public debut. The All-New Nexo is the world’s first dedicated hydrogen-powered SUV. Meanwhile, the All-New Santa Fe will demonstrate its expressive design and best-in-class safety features, and a visionary Hyundai concept car will also be on display.
This year’s extravaganza is the 88th Geneva International Motor Show and takes place from 8 to 18 March. Across seven halls, 180 exhibitors will showcase new car ranges, cutting-edge technologies and the latest developments in the automotive industry to the international public. The event in Geneva will see journalists, media personnel and major brand executives in attendance, often alongside their celebrity partners. More than 691,000 visitors from around the world attended in 2017, as well as nearly 10,000 journalists from 93 countries.

09:00 am

Since the doors opened here at 07:30 am, the show space has seen a flurry of activaty as excited journalists, media and other staff are making their way around the vast 79,000 sqm exhibition centre.
Later this morning, at 10:15 am, Hyundai Motor will hold its press conference, heralding the public debut of the All-New Kona Electric, as well as offering a glimpse into the future of eco-friendly driving with Nexo, company’s next-generation Fuel Cell EV.

10:15 am - Press Conference

The video wall at Hyundai Motor’s booth has been displaying a calm minimalist landscape, but as the press conference gets underway, a bolt of lightening strikes down and storm clouds gather. This signifies the ‘storm of change’ that is fast approaching the automotive industry - where clean technology and design are becoming seamlessly integrated into our cars. This will revolutionise the way we drive.
There is a buzz of anticipation around the room as the audience suddenly feels as if they are inside the storm, and the opening film begins. It plays with the elements - storms, wind and sun - to demonstrate how the elements will help propel us into a new, easier way of living. The electrical revolution will power the future, and it’s already underway now.
As the film draws to a close, the All-New Nexo and All-New Kona Electric are unveiled, followed by the All-New Santa Fe. Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Marketing and Product Hyundai Motor Europe, walks onto the stage and discusses Hyundai’s commitment to clean mobility and the extension of the company’s eco-friendly lineup.
Eco-mobility is no longer a vision. It is a reality. Our next steps in future mobility are right here.

Andreas-Christoph Hofmann Vice President Marketing and Product at Hyundai Motor Europe

As a part of its commitment to clean mobility, Hyundai will launch 18 new eco-friendly cars by 2025.

10:30 am - The Hyundai concept car 'Le Fil Rouge' revealed

Hofmann hands over to Sangyup Lee, Head of Hyundai Styling and Vice President, who arrives on stage to speak about Hyundai’s design heritage and evolution before another film is shown. Lee discusses the evolution of Hyundai’s design identity through the harmonisation of four key elements: proportion, architecture, technology and styling. At the end of the film, the Hyundai concept car 'Le Fil Rouge' arrives on stage - its LED lights flashing - to applause from the audience.
We will set a course for Hyundai, to become a brand beloved by our very special customers. This is only the beginning. The best is yet to come.

Sangyup Lee Head of Hyundai Styling and Vice President

And with that, the press conference ends. That’s all from us for now, but we’ll be back throughout the day with updates and exclusive images of the new vehicles that have been displayed this morning.

11:00 am - The All-New Hyundai Kona Electric

The All-New Kona Electric is described by Hyundai as “a car of no compromise”, and is the first fully-electric subcompact SUV on the European market, merging the hottest trends in the automotive industry: SUV style and eco-mobility.
The All-New Kona Electric carries the same expressive design of the regular Kona, while reflecting the individual lifestyle of modern customers who benefit from a car that is fun-to-drive while retaining the low-environmental impact of a fully-electric car. The key design differentiator is the closed grille which gives a clean and stylish appearance, while also enhancing aerodynamics.

11:45 am - The All-New Hyundai Nexo

The All-New Nexo is the technological flagship of Hyundai’s growing eco-vehicle portfolio, and the world’s first dedicated hydrogen-powered SUV making available a wide range of autonomous driving capabilities and smart driving assistance systems.
The All-New Nexo is Hyundai’s second-generation of commercialised fuel cell electric vehicle that will be available in selected markets around the world in the first part of 2018. Improving upon its predecessor, the ix35 Fuel Cell, the Nexo has an estimated driving range of 800 kilometres (NEDC), as well as increased acceleration and power to improve the overall performance.

12:30 pm - The All-New Hyundai Santa Fe

Since the launch of the first Santa Fe in 2001, Hyundai has sold more than 1.5 million SUVs in Europe - and more than 400,000 units of Santa Fe have been sold in this time. The All-New Santa Fe completed Hyundai’s SUV line-up at this year’s Geneva Motor Show with its expressive design and best-in-class safety features, as well as an advanced four-wheel drive system called HTRAC.
The design of the All-New Santa Fe connects with the new SUV family look, offering a powerful wide stance and an athletic, bold look, as well as featuring the Cascading Grille. Hyundai cares about its customers' safety and well-being. The Santa Fe offers best-in-class safety features as well as advanced driver assistance features.

13:15 pm - Hyundai Le Fil Rouge concept car

The Hyundai Le Fil Rouge concept car received its world premiere this morning, representing the future design language of Hyundai vehicles. All future models from the brand will be based on a new theme, which will harmonise the key design elements, proportions, architecture, styling and technology. This will allow Hyundai to create progressive-looking cars that defy design boundaries, as well as capturing a distinctive look and feel for the brand.

14:00 pm - Hyundai's SUV Range

Hyundai's SUV range is also on display at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. As well as the All-New Santa Fe, the Tucson, which launched in Europe 2015, and All-New Kona, which launched last year, will be showcased here in Geneva. Hyundai is investing in its SUV lineup, and two new eco-friendly models are also SUVs: the All-New Kona Electric and the All-New Nexo. The company recently announced that 50% of of Hyundai's European lineup will be SUV by 2020, in order to meet customers' expectations.

15:00 pm

In addition to the new models, the Hyundai booth also showcases an array of favourite Hyundai models such as the IONIQ.
Visitors of the show can also take a look at advanced future technologies. Hyundai presents the latest connected car technology development with the new Intelligent Personal Cockpit, which employs multiple cutting-edge technologies: from voice recognition, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology. It can even detect when drivers are feeling stressed!
Journalists and media can examine the cars up close over two press days, before the exhibition hall opens to the public from March 8-18.


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