Hyundai Motor Europe continues to grow across the continent. Witness how the company continually evolves as time goes on.

Read about changes in Hyundai Motor’s company structure, corporate direction, strategy, and management. Learn about new investments and ventures and how the company is entering different sectors.

Latest news

04.11.2015 Press release

Hyundai Motor launches new global luxury brand, 'Genesis'

Hyundai Motor has announced an all-new global luxury brand – Genesis –

15.09.2015 Press release

Hyundai Motor showcases high performance N sub-brand

Hyundai Motor, the fastest growing automaker by brand value, has showcased its high performance sub-brand N at the 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show.

13.04.2015 Press release

Hyundai Motor Sends 'A Message to Space’

Hyundai Motor has used the brand’s ‘New Thinking’ approach to connect the most distant of families, setting a novel world record in the process.

28.11.2014 Press release

Hyundai Motor opens Europe’s biggest dealership

Hyundai Motor has opened Europe’s biggest dealership showcasing its new global dealer space identity.

06.11.2014 Press release

An All-New Way To Buy A Car - Rockar Hyundai

Hyundai Motor and digital retailer, Rockar today unveiled the world’s first digital automotive retail experience – Rockar Hyundai.


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