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08.11.2023 Press release

Hyundai Motor Group Calls for Public-Private Partnerships to Realize Its Vision for Advanced Air Mobility at the 2023 Bloomberg New Economy Forum

Hyundai is presenting its vision for Advanced Air Mobility alongside its AAM company, Supernal, at the 2023 Bloomberg New Economy Forum.

02.11.2023 Press release

Hyundai Motor Group Draws Attention to Busan's Bid for 2030 World Expo with Large-Scale Outdoor Advertisement in Paris

Hyundai Motor Group launches large-scale outdoor advertisement in Paris throughout November to support Busan’s bid for 2030 World Expo.

02.11.2023 Press release

Hyundai Motor and MMCA Unveil PROJECT HASHTAG 2023, Examining the Interconnectedness between Humanity, Nature, Science, and Technology

Hyundai Motor Company and the MMCA today announced the opening of the PROJECT HASHTAG 2023 exhibition at MMCA Seoul.

01.11.2023 Press release

Hyundai Motor Highlights the Power of Pixels in Design Campaign about EV Signature Lighting

Hyundai today debuted a design film, ‘Pixel by Pixel,’ as part of an online campaign that showcases the signature Parametric Pixel of its acclaimed EV lineup.

31.10.2023 Press release

Hyundai CRADLE Gears Up for 8th Mobility Innovators Forum, Exploring 'Re-Vision & Re-Value'

Hyundai CRADLE Silicon Valley will host the 8th Mobility Innovators Forum on November 2nd at the Fort Mason Center, San Francisco.


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