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14.12.2023 Story

A Glimpse of Koreanness

In the current ever-evolving cultural landscape, one phenomenon has taken center stage with an undeniable allure: Koreanness.

04.12.2023 Story

How does it feel to drive an electric car? Tech for a thrilling, full sensory experience

Technology is enabling electric cars to provide full sensory driving experiences. Explore emotions, innovation, and the future of high-performance EVs.

22.11.2023 Story

Environmental robotics: innovation for a more sustainable future

In today's world, grappling with urgent ecological challenges, the significance of innovation is increasing steadily.

21.11.2023 Story

Crafted with European customers in mind: Hyundai Tucson

In pursuit of automotive excellence, the Hyundai Tucson emerges as a trustworthy companion, purposefully designed and meticulously crafted with the customer at its core.

21.11.2023 Story

Driving the circular mindset: Hyundai's Re:Style platform sparks upcycling trends in Europe

In 2019, Hyundai launched the Re:Style platform. Since then, Re:Style has expanded beyond the realm of fashion.

09.11.2023 Story

Unleashing the future of electrified high-performance cars: IONIQ 5 N showcasing its three pillars of N performance

Hyundai N publishes a captivating three-chapter video series that unveils the development journey of the IONIQ 5 N and N’s three pillars of performance.

31.10.2023 Story

A story of electrified success

With its increasing fleet of electrified models, Hyundai is driving a change in the automotive industry.

12.10.2023 Story

From Nošovice to Europe: Where the Kona magic happens

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech in Nošovice is one of two Hyundai production plants in Europe and is considered one of the most modern car factories.

28.09.2023 Story

Kona Electric: Bigger, bolder, and more dynamic

The all-new Kona has evolved to embrace an even wider range of diversity for every lifestyle.

21.07.2023 Story

How bidirectional charging can power your world

For the first time in a commercially available electric car, Hyundai pioneered the Vehicle-to-Load function – revealed in the 2021 launch of the award-winning IONIQ 5.


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