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The Great British Creativity Gap

  • 7 in 10 young adults believe the UK education system is too ‘one size fits all’ 
  • 72% wish they had done more creative subjects at school
  • Hyundai launches Year 2 of its Great British School Trip programme, to help teachers plug ‘the creativity gap’

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New research reveals over three quarters (85%) of 18 – 24-year-olds believe the UK education system should have a greater emphasis on individual learning needs, with 74% feeling it is too rigid and inflexible. Furthermore, 72% wish they’d done more creative subjects at school.

The study, commissioned by Hyundai Motor UK, also draws attention to the pressures that students face at school, with over half (64%) saying they felt pressured to take more ‘academic’ subjects. This decision appears based on societal pressures; with over half (52%) stating it would lead to a better job or get them into a good university (48%).

This comes after a recent study of government data revealed just £9.40 of the annual £7,460 spent on pupils in state education goes on creative subjects such as music, arts and culture.*

As a result, nearly one in three surveyed (30%) said they would feel under-prepared if they were to start their dream career tomorrow, citing ‘creative thinking’ (18%) as a key quality they lack.

Hyundai conducted the research to help shape the second year of The Great British School Trip programme, which will support 35,000 children by sending them on school trips across the UK this academic year, with an emphasis on experiences that encourage creativity.

With a focus on trips from the programme’s Imagination & Curiosity pillar, the second year of the initiative will look to combat some of the issues unearthed and help teachers plug ‘the creativity gap’. More than 560 venues across the UK are part of the programme with The V&A, The Design Museum and additional English Heritage sites joining as part of the focus on creative experiences this school year.

The findings from this study highlight the critical role the education system plays and it’s fascinating to understand better the desire for more creativity and creative learning in school. Creativity is something we truly value at Hyundai, with design, innovation and technology at the core of our business. As part of our £1million investment into UK school trips this year, we hope our commitment will break down more barriers to creative learning.

Ashley Andrew President of Hyundai & Genesis UK

With 28,000 school children supported in year one, The Great British School Trip will see Hyundai continue to offer additional bursaries to help schools most in need fund their trips, including booking fees and travel costs.

Due to financial restrictions, our students often don’t get the chance to experience learning outside of the classroom – in fact they rarely get an opportunity to do anything outside of visiting their local park. Our trip gave us the opportunity to enhance the learning of children who find more traditionally ‘academic’ areas of the curriculum challenging, because they can draw on real life experiences and apply these to their work. Without the bursary funding we just wouldn’t have been able to afford it and the vast improvements I’ve seen in my students’ confidence and resilience just wouldn’t have happened.

Russ Jones Deputy Headteacher, Greenpark Academy

A further study of 380 teachers across the UK also drew attention to the lack of emphasis placed on creativity within the current education system, with 60% admitting there was ‘limited’ budget allocated to creative subjects. One in three polled (36%) said students struggle to express their creativity within the confines of a classroom.

Learning outside the classroom benefits students as it provides variety to their learning (88%) and they are therefore more engaged (83%). School trips were identified as one of the top settings (78%) where teachers have observed children tapping into their creativity.

We know from previously speaking to teachers that school trips are important to bringing more creativity to children's educations. Through The Great British School Trip, we’re committed to getting more children out of the classroom and on school trips to ignite their imagination and over the coming months we look forward to supporting thousands of school trips nationally.

Ashley Andrew President of Hyundai & Genesis UK

To find out more about the programme and how you can get involved, please visit: https://greatbritishschooltrip.com/

TheGuardian.com – 15.07.21

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