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20.01.2023 Press release

What’s in a name?

Hyundai reveals we’re a nation of sense checkers when it comes to pronunciation.

26.12.2022 Press release

A new dawn for Hyundai in the UK

Hyundai is launching a new advertising campaign that sees the business change from the anglicised pronunciation of ‘Hy-un-dai’ to the global pronunciation: ‘Hyun-day’.

12.10.2022 Press release

Hyundai Motor Group Announces Future Roadmap for Software Defined Vehicles at Unlock the Software Age Global Forum

Hyundai Motor Group today announced a new global strategy to transform all vehicles to Software Defined Vehicles by 2025.

26.08.2022 Press release

Hyundai Motor UK expands its immersive Virtual Experience Centre

Hyundai Motor UK has extensively expanded its pioneering Virtual Experience Centre, as it sees sustained demand for an immersive virtual brand space.

15.08.2022 Press release

Hyundai Motor Europe launches the third chapter of its ‘Progress’ campaign to underline its leadership in electrification and progress in sustainability, robotics, and future mobility

Hyundai Motor Europe has launched the third and latest chapter of its ‘Progress’ communication campaigns.

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