21.05.2021 Press release

Podcast ep.7 | How CRADLE is shaping the future

  • Hyundai Motor has released the seventh episode of its podcast, Are We There Yet?
  • This episode features guest Edvin Eriksen, Head of Hyundai CRADLE Berlin
  • CRADLE, which stands for Centre for Robotic-Augmented Design in Living Experiences, is Hyundai’s corporate venturing and innovation hub
  • Eriksen talks to host Suzi Perry about Hyundai’s commitment to innovation that creates a safer, healthier, and more accessible world
  • Listen and subscribe to podcast here

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Hyundai Motor has released the seventh episode of its bi-weekly podcast, Are We There Yet?.

In “How CRADLE is shaping the future”, host Suzi Perry invites Edvin Eriksen, Head of Hyundai CRADLE Berlin, to talk about Hyundai CRADLE and its vision for mobility and technology in the future.

Hyundai CRADLE (Centre for Robotic-Augmented Design in Living Experiences) is Hyundai Motor Company’s corporate venturing and open innovation business. It focuses on seed-to-growth investments in numerous fields, including artificial intelligence, robotics, mobility-as-a-service (MaaS), smart energy solutions, and smart cities. CRADLE has hubs in five major cities worldwide: Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Seoul, and Beijing.

In the seventh episode, Eriksen shares CRADLE’s mission to achieve a smarter, more sustainable, and better-connected world. He explains why CRADLE offices are spread across innovation hubs around the world and opens up about the challenge of finding the right partners who can think big while still being able to scale ideas realistically.

Ep.7: How CRADLE is shaping the future

Eriksen reflects on how Hyundai has grown as a company over the last five years.

Hyundai has proven over the last years how seriously they are trying to become a very innovative company – not only on the technology side but also on creating new businesses and new areas they would like to be present in. This company is really preparing for the future. I see Hyundai becoming very innovative and very eager to test new things and try out new things.

Edvin Eriksen Head of Hyundai CRADLE Berlin

Eriksen also explains how modern technological development takes a customer-centric approach, which industries can benefit from hydrogen fuel cell technology, and what role robotics will play not just for companies, but for the average person as well. He also touches on the company’s recent acquisition of leading robotics firm Boston Dynamics.

Subscribe to Hyundai’s podcast, Are We There Yet?, and listen to Episode Seven now to learn more about CRADLE and how Hyundai is shaping future technologies.

The seventh episode of Are We There Yet? is now live and available to listeners on Spotify, Apple, Google, Podcasts, Stitcher, Acast and other podcast streaming platforms. It is produced by Fresh Air Production.

About Suzi Perry

Suzi Perry is a pioneering British motorsport presenter who previously presented the BBC’s MotoGP coverage for 13 years. In 2013, she became the first ever female presenter of the organisation’s Formula One coverage. Over the course of her career, Perry has also covered the Olympic Games, Wimbledon and the London Marathon. She also served as the presenter of Channel 5’s The Gadget Show for eight years.

About Fresh Air Production

Founded in 2003, Fresh Air Production is an award-winning audio production company that specialises in branded podcasts, radio advertising and radio programmes. Fresh Air has won several awards, including a Corporate Content Award in 2019 for “Production Company of the Year”.

About Edvin Eriksen

Edvin brings a proven track record in initiating, leading, and executing business and R&D collaborations in Europe and the US into his role as the Head of Hyundai CRADLE Berlin. Before joining the CRADLE family, he headed Automotive Partnerships & Investments at LG Electronics in Silicon Valley, where he initiated and led multiple successful collaboration projects as a Tier1 together with innovative start-ups, leading universities, Automotive OEMs, and mobility players. Before joining LG Electronics in the US, Edvin worked over 10 years in Europe executing Open Innovation projects in multiple industry segments like Mobile Communication, Batteries for Electric Vehicles and Automotive R&D. Born and raised in Luxembourg, Edvin graduated both in Industrial Engineering at the Institut Supérieur de Technologie in Luxembourg-City and Electrical Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe, Germany.

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