31.07.2020 Press release

Introducing the all-new Hyundai i20’s Bose Premium Sound System

  • The all-new i20 is the first Hyundai model in Europe to feature a Bose Premium Sound System, which delivers an exceptional listening experience for all passengers
  • Engineered in collaboration between Hyundai and Bose, the all-new i20’s Bose Premium Sound System features eight high-performance speakers including a subwoofer
  • Applying innovative Bose technology and speaker designs, the sound system delivers clean, immersive and powerful music reproduction

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The all-new i20 is the first Hyundai model in Europe to feature a Bose Premium Sound System*.

Engineers from Hyundai and Bose collaborated to design and tune the eight-speaker system for an exceptional listening experience for all occupants inside the i20.

For more than 40 years, Bose has worked to develop automotive sound systems that replicate music as close as possible to the way the artist originally intended. This approach is now being applied to Hyundai vehicles, starting in Europe with the all-new i20.

This exciting cooperation between Bose and Hyundai delivers premium-quality in-car audio for all-new i20 customers. We look forward to future collaboration opportunities with Bose in order to further enhance the driving experience for Hyundai customers.

Andreas-Christoph Hofmann Vice President Marketing and Product at Hyundai Motor Europe

Bose technology delivers premium sound quality to Hyundai customers

Featuring eight high-performance speakers, combined with advanced digital signal processing, the Bose system in the i20 is engineered for remarkable music and sound reproduction under a variety of driving conditions.

Each speaker is designed to reproduce a specific set of low, mid-range, or high frequencies so that all of the components work together to create a rich and vibrant listening experience.

In each front door, a Super65 speaker – only available from Bose – drives deeply impactful low-frequency performance. Super65 speakers play lower and louder than conventional 6.5-inch (165mm) speakers and combine with a 5.25-inch (130mm) neodymium woofer inside a custom-engineered enclosure mounted inside the i20’s rear-left quarter panel to deliver rich bass throughout the cabin.

Clear and balanced sound reproduction is delivered by a 3.25-inch (80mm) neodymium mid-range Bose Twiddler speaker in the centre of the instrument panel and two 5.25-inch (130mm) wide-range speakers – one in each rear door. Higher frequencies are delivered through two 1-inch (25mm) neodymium tweeters – one in each quadrant cover.

The system is driven by a Bose digital amplifier with eight channels of custom equalisation. In addition, the system is equipped with dynamic speed compensation technology, which monitors vehicle speed and automatically adjusts music levels, ensuring a more consistent listening experience and reducing the need for drivers to make manual adjustments while on the road.

About the all-new i20

The all-new i20 features a revolutionary and ambitious design that follows the company’s new Sensuous Sportiness design identity. With best-in-class connectivity features and the most comprehensive safety package in its class, it sets new standards for a B-segment car. For the first time it is available with an electrified 48-volt mild hybrid powertrain for optimised efficiency. More information about the all-new i20 can be found in the model’s press kit.

* UK Specification and pricing for all-new i20 is to be confirmed

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