03.11.2022 Press release

Hyundai Motor’s brand value rises 14 per cent YoY in Interbrand’s global ranking, achieving No. 1 growth rate in automotive mass market

  • Hyundai Motor places 35th in global brand value for the second straight year, while marking its eighth consecutive year in the top 40
  • Interbrand’s positive appraisal endorses company’s strategic focus on EVs, expansion of its future mobility vision and proactive ESG management initiatives
  • No.1 brand value growth rate in automotive mass market reflects company’s expanded mobility vision to meet customers’ changing needs amidst an industry paradigm shift

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Hyundai Motor Company today announced that its Interbrand global brand value rose 14 percent year-over-year to $17.3 billion (€17.48 billion) in 2022, placing it 35th for the second straight year while marking its eighth consecutive year among the top 40 brands. This marked the fastest growth among automotive mass market brands, excluding luxury/premium.

The key factors in Interbrand’s positive appraisal of Hyundai include the company’s strategic focus on electric vehicles (EVs), expansion of its future mobility vision into metamobility and its proactive ESG management — all underlining its future-proof business feasibility and competitiveness compared to other automotive brands during a major paradigm shift in the industry.

Leading the EV market with cutting-edge technologies and eye-catching designs

Hyundai’s growing IONIQ line-up is widely acknowledged for bringing innovative technologies and exciting designs to the increasingly competitive EV segment. Launched in 2021, IONIQ 5 established Hyundai’s design and technology direction for future EVs. In turn, it won numerous awards, including the prestigious 2022 World Car of the Year, beating high-performance and luxury models.

In 2022, Hyundai introduced the IONIQ 6 Electrified Streamliner, attracting the keen interest of consumers and critics alike with its unique styling, extended driving range and innovative interior.

Under its dedicated EV brand, Hyundai will leverage its industry-leading manufacturing know-how to add the IONIQ 7 all-electric SUV in 2024 in response to fast-growing market demand and continue building its leadership position in the EV segment.

Expanding future mobility vision and technological advancement

At Hyundai’s CES 2022 pavilion, which won a Grand Prize at the 2022 Red Dot Award, the company showed how its robotics business will drive the paradigm shift towards future mobility, going beyond the traditional means of transportation to fulfil unlimited freedom of movement for humankind.

At CES 2022, the company envisioned that the distinctions between future mobilities will be blurred through the further development of robotics technology, such as AI and autonomous driving. Diverse mobilities, including automobiles, robotics and urban air mobility (UAM) will also serve as smart devices for access to the metaverse platform.

In support of its future mobility vision, the company revealed its ‘Metamobility’ concept, with the goal of pioneering a smart device-metaverse connection that will expand the role of mobility to virtual reality (VR), ultimately allowing people to overcome physical limitations. Hyundai also shared its vision of how robots will act as a medium between the real world and virtual spaces, enabling users to make changes in the metaverse to be reflected in reality.

In order to realise metamobility, the company plans to establish a ‘smart factory’ in Singapore by the end of 2022 by forming strategic partnerships with leading companies to establish a platform and prepare a roadmap. By doing so, Hyundai Motor expects to accelerate its transformation into a Smart Mobility Solution Provider equipped with a unique mobility ecosystem that advances operational efficiency and promotes manufacturing innovation.

Reinforcing brand reliability and empathy through proactive ESG management

Along with the realisation of eco-friendly and future-centric technologies, Hyundai is enhancing its brand credibility and empathy through proactive environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives, such as reinforcing guidelines for improving the working environment in the supply chain.

In recognition of the performance of ESG management activities, the company was included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World Index for the first time last year, which means it reached the top 10 percent of 2,500 global companies by market capitalisation.

As the automotive industry continues to go through a major paradigm shift, Hyundai will continue striving to transform into a smart mobility leader that not only secures technological prowess through bold investments in the future mobility industry but also fulfils its responsibilities for a better tomorrow for all mankind.

Jaehoon Chang President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Company

The global brand consulting firm Interbrand conducts an annual evaluation of major multinational companies to release its Best Global Brands rankings. Each brand’s present value is arrived at following a comprehensive assessment of its fiscal and marketing operations, which are used to calculate its future revenue.

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