01.11.2019 Press release

Hyundai teams up for 2019 SEMA Show Concepts

  • Bisimoto Engineering takes the Hyundai Veloster N to an entirely new threshold of daily driving performance in the VelosterRaptor N Concept
  • Rockstar Performance Garage pushes the Kona Ultimate Concept beyond its limits

Press material

Hyundai Motor America has again joined forces with industry leaders Bisimoto Engineering and Rockstar Performance Garage to create two exciting new concepts for the 2019 SEMA show.

Bisimoto VelosterRaptor N Concept

The Bisimoto VelosterRaptor N Concept is consumer-friendly, emphasising engineered bolt-on performance upgrades for the Veloster N Performance Package model. These bolt-on accessories are designed to have high potential for aftermarket availability. For the VelosterRaptor N, a team of four engineers of various disciplines ranging from aerospace and mechanical to chemistry collaborated to create enhancements for the Veloster chassis while improving on the thermal efficiency of the engine.

The Bisimoto Engineering VelosterRaptor N is designed to be a “Type R Killer”, maintain low emissions, improve thermal efficiency, reduce internal combustion frictional and pumping losses, and have a quantified output above 320 horsepower. This is achieved by incorporating a high-flow exhaust system, engine management, water methanol kit, high-performance intercooler, high-flow intake, mass airflow modifications, and upgraded turbocharger internals. The exterior will explore a CFD-engineered protocol. The interior will be comprised of lighter weight seats, appropriate lightweighting efforts and a digital diagnostic display.


While retaining the beautiful lines of the body, subtle changes were added to the chassis with improved cooling to the Tarox front brakes via bespoke Fifteen52 wheels and a custom, elegant, aero-enhancing rear spoiler. Enhanced adhesion tires combined with an aerodynamically-sound wheel package and performance-lowering suspension reduce ground clearance, improve center of gravity, and further enhance aerodynamic advantages, while retaining electronic damping functions. Custom headlight modifications include Flyryde components.


In-house technology from Bisimoto (a modified factory gasoline engine utilising the latest in induction and exhaust technology) grace the Hyundai Veloster N. This project allows for aftermarket support, including, but not limited to, specialty lubricants, sport exhaust systems, efficiency intake design, performance feedback electronics, OBD monitoring, and aero upgrades.

A well-designed paring of intake and exhaust modules is added to this performance package vehicle to further improve efficiency of the gasoline engine, using pulse-wave technology to enhance volumetric efficiency, while improving inertial supercharging during valvetrain overlap periods. Modifications will be quantified using an in-house dynamometer.


The interior is comprised of composite, lightweight front seats. A specially-designed interactive OBD cluster will be added to the Veloster N’s console, using the factory communication protocol.

Bisimoto Partner Suppliers

  • Wheels: Fifteen52
  • Tires: Toyo
  • Graphics: Type 2
  • Brakes: Tarox
  • Clutch: Action Clutch
  • Fabrication hardware: Vibrant Performance
  • Suspension: Eibach Suspension
  • Induction mods: AEM induction
  • Lubrication: PurOl
  • Carbon Fibre attachment and trim: Dreamworks
  • Paint: Dreamworks
  • Heat exchange: CSF
  • Turbocharger: Turbonetics
  • Seats: Momo
  • Roof Box: Inno
  • Interior mods: SOS Upholstery
  • Headlights: Flyryde
  • Dynamometer: Dynapack
  • OBD infocenter: AEM

Rockstar Performance Garage: 2020 Kona Ultimate Concept

Rockstar took a black Kona Ultimate Turbo AWD and created the ultimate Kona SUV. In the past, Rockstar and Hyundai have been a great success with the Tucson and Santa Fe. Rockstar built a new Kona Ultimate Sport and utilised new in-house media teams capture footage of the build and its use in Glamis, California and the sands of Ocotillo Wells, creating content for SEMA 2019.

  • Custom vehicle wrap
  • KING Shock Coilovers
  • 17-inch Off-road KMC bead-lock Wheels
  • Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ  29-31 inch Rally tires
  • Custom OEM headlights
  • Custom OEM taillights
  • Custom Turbo Upgrades
  • Mishimoto Intercooler
  • Mishimoto Radiator
  • Mishimoto Downpipe
  • Mishimoto Rockstar Catch Can
  • AEM Intake
  • KICKER audio sound system
  • Custom Leather Interior
  • Odyssey Batteries
  • Clearance of wheel wells for larger wheels and tires
  • Aftermarket Rally protection and skid plates
  • Custom Roof rack
  • Aftermarket Led lighting
  • sPOD source
  • Heatshield products for protection
  • Magnaflow Exhaust
  • Scosche lifestyle systems
  • Nitrous Express wet system
  • Bulletliner rock chip protection

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