12.10.2020 Press release

Hyundai Motorsport joins PURE ETCR with Veloster N ETCR showcase

  • Hyundai Motorsport announces its entry into the PURE ETCR series, due to begin in 2021
  • The Veloster N ETCR stars at the championship’s launch event in Copenhagen, with the car and lead test driver Augusto Farfus taking to the stage in front of VIPs and journalists
  • Last month the Veloster N ETCR became the first final PURE ETCR-spec car, when the series’ specially designed battery was integrated into the car at Williams Advanced Engineering.

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Hyundai Motorsport and the Veloster N ETCR will race as part of the PURE ETCR series next year, after joining the championship for the launch in the centre of Copenhagen.

The Veloster N ETCR was the highlight of the series’ event in the Danish city – which aims to be the world’s first carbon-neutral capital in the world. As the only car built to the series’ regulations running the Veloster N ETCR arrived at the presentation in front of the City Hall with lead test driver Augusto Farfus.

The showcase also saw Hyundai Motorsport formally commit to racing in the series when it begins in 2021. The announcement was the latest milestone for the Veloster N ETCR. Hyundai Motorsport’s engineers have consistently risen to meet the technical challenges presented by the team’s first electric powered race car. After beginning testing with a prototype design in September 2019 the team continued to develop the car throughout 2020 focusing first on specific components before shifting their attention to performance. Last month the Veloster N TCR became the first true ETCR car, following integration of the series’ battery kit at Williams Advanced Engineering last month.

The specially designed battery will provide the 500kw (680hp) of power necessary for the close, ultra-high-performance racing that will be part of each PURE ETCR weekend. Each ETCR car will also feature motors, inverters and gearbox from Magelec Propulsion and DC-DC converters manufactured by BrightLoop.

The focus of the project now turns to testing with this technology to both gain the necessary experience and extract the maximum performance from the entire car in order to compete for victory when racing begins next year.

Each PURE ETCR event will feature short, sharp knock-out Battle races with cars running flat out, with the fastest drivers progressing through to the Final with the winner crowned as the King – or Queen – of the weekend.

I’m very proud of Hyundai Motorsport being one of the first manufacturers to rise to the challenge presented by the ETCR category and PURE ETCR. The evening in Copenhagen was a great event, not only for the series, but for us as one of the first manufacturer of a full PURE ETCR-spec car. The Veloster N ETCR project was a big technical challenge for us as a company with the new technology but the performance we have had in testing with the prototype car shows the capabilities we have. I’m looking forward to seeing the car racing in Pure ETCR. Everything about the design of the car, and the technology involved is intended for high-performance, and concept for the race weekend format should definitely provide some exciting action when the competitive weekends begin next year.

Andrea Adamo Hyundai Motorsport Team Principal

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