21.11.2017 Press release

Hyundai Motor completes the KONA 10 Challenge

  • Adventurer Sophie Radcliffe has successfully completed the KONA 10 challenge, battling snow and 50 mph winds to climb elevations of over 12,000 ft in an epic 72-hour journey across ten of the most iconic volcanic landscapes in the UK and Ireland
  • The KONA 10 volcanic landscapes have been curated by historian Dr. Michael Scott to shed light on the little known volcanic history of the country and the extraordinary human activity inspired by these landscapes over millennia
  • The KONA 10 challenge involved the all-new KONA from Hyundai, a compact SUV with bold design
  • The KONA 10 route is now available to the public for those who are interested in the volcanic history of the UK and Ireland
  • Video of the challenge can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFcnN2lD-gk&feature=youtu.be

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Hyundai Motor UK announces the successful completion of the KONA 10 – an epic challenge that has seen Sophie Radcliffe conquer ten of the most iconic volcanic landscapes across the UK and Ireland.
Hyundai Motor UK announces the successful completion of the KONA 10 – an epic driving challenge that has seen adventurer Sophie Radcliffe conquer ten of the most iconic volcanic landscapes across the UK and Ireland in under 72 hours, in the KONA, the new compact SUV from Hyundai.
Hyundai worked with historian Dr Michael Scott to uncover the secrets behind some of the UK and Ireland’s volcanic landscapes from Snowdon in North Wales to the Cuillin Ridge in the Isle of Skye, mapping an epic route that has pushed the endurance boundaries of both the car and the athlete.
Highlights from the last 72 hours included:
  • A stunning sunset on Mount Snowdon.  Sophie drove the miner’s track, not normally accessible to the public to drive, before taking to her feet to get to the first summit
  • A scramble up North Berwick Law, in the dark with rain lashing the rock making conditions treacherous
  • Reaching the summit of Ben Nevis, 52 hours into the challenge, eight locations down and in temperatures of -10 degrees with wind chill
  • Tackling the Bla Bheinn on Cuillin Ridge on the Isle of Skye, then abseiling down it to complete the challenge just 69.5 hours from the start of the journey
  • Total miles driven: 1,046 – the equivalent of driving from North Wales to Paris and back again
Sophie quit her job in the city four years ago and now takes on adventure challenges all over the world.
I’m exhausted but so thrilled that we’ve been able to complete the KONA 10. I knew we were well prepared, but you never know what the weather conditions will throw your way. We were lucky in some locations and not so lucky in others. I had a brilliant team behind me, from expert guides to support vehicles to help ensure this was a success. I can’t quite believe just 72 hours ago we were in Snowdon at the start of this epic challenge.

The toughest moment was the descent of Ben Nevis in the dark. I was feeling exhausted after 10 hours on the move and full winter conditions; snow, wind and freezing temperatures. Knowing that I had another big climb ahead on the Isle of Skye and would only get three hours sleep was tough, but it’s at times like this that my experience doing challenges over the last few years has taught me how to motivate myself, how to focus on the end goal and just go for it.

The incredible views made it all worth it. The moment when the clouds parted to reveal a stunning sunset on the summit of Ben Nevis was once in a lifetime experience.

Sophie Radcliffe

The ten volcanic locations for The KONA 10 challenge were selected by Dr. Michael Scott alongside volcanologist Dr Julia Crummy. He has dived into the history of human activity at each site. His research has shown how landscapes formed hundreds of millions of years ago have inspired and provided the location for incredible human achievements over the last several thousand years, and as such how these landscapes stand as true markers of the extraordinary variety and vibrancy of the human spirit.
There is the most incredible yet surprising volcanic history in the UK. The KONA 10 is going to shine a light on our volcanic heritage – from Snowdon to the Isle of Skye. This never before attempted route across the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland will take people on a journey through a rich and incredible tapestry of human history and achievement - from the ancient past, to the modern day. The KONA 10 is another example of an epic human undertaking achieved through sheer determination and relentless spirit.

Dr. Michael Scott

More on the rich history of the route by Dr. Michael Scott can be found here - http://hyundaimedia-kona.co.uk/en/kona-10.html.
Sophie has been raising money for Stand Up To Cancer. Everyone can donate at https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/hyundaikona10
The all-new KONA is a compact SUV with a bold, sharp design with full-LED twin headlamps, two-tone roof and the choice of ten distinctive exterior colours.  A true SUV with four-wheel drive the KONA also has head-up display, a high-end sound system by Krell and complete connectivity allowing passengers to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on the seven-inch screen.
This world first challenge is a perfect example of Hyundai’s ethos and the way we constantly look to push boundaries. The team were well prepared but had to endure some really tough conditions. What an amazing achievement to have accomplished this in under 72 hours – a challenge of which we are very proud. The new KONA, which is available with four-wheel drive, is well suited to those seeking adventure. It offers all-round capability and is just as at home on urban roads as it is on mountain passes.

Tony Whitehorn Hyundai Motor UK’s President and CEO

Hyundai has captured the KONA 10 route for consumers to explore for themselves using public roads and it can be found at www.kona10.co.uk from 27th November 2017.
For more images, visit: http://hyundaimedia-kona.co.uk/en/kona-10.html

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