26.10.2023 Press release

Re:Style – Hyundai’s circular economy platform reimagines materials and fashion

  • Hyundai launches Re:Style in Europe – a platform for circular economy and upcycling
  • Launched in 2019, the platform is dedicated to innovation and sustainability
  • European kick-off comes with high-awareness fashion exhibition designed by renowned fashion designer Jeremy Scott

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Hyundai Motor has launched Re:Style in Europe, a platform for the circular economy. The start of the European Re:Style platform , features a collaboration between Hyundai and the world-renowned designer Jeremy Scott and marks the establishment of a standard for the years to come, evolving into a circular economy podium in Europe that inspires a more conscious future.

From repurposing airbags and seatbelts from old cars to recycling plastic bottles, sugar cane, grain, and oil, everything that would otherwise be discarded is given a new life. These fabrics and materials are reimagined as a designer’s new threads, accessories, pockets, or as objects that serve as a source of inspiration.

The collaboration with Scott within  Re:Style  extends beyond the realm of fashion; it serves as a powerful campaign deliberately designed to raise awareness about this vital issue, emphasising the platform’s unwavering commitment to leading positive change and sustainability.

Hyundai Re:Style at a glimpse

The creative essence behind Re:Style 2023 goes beyond mere words; it is a movement that aims to inspire people worldwide. Now in its fourth year, Re:Style 2023 seeks to expand the scope of this movement and encourage individuals to challenge pre-existing stereotypes. In alignment with the company’s brand vision of “Progress for Humanity”, Re:Style represents Hyundai’s commitment to initiating conversations about waste and resource depletion by maximising the use, reuse, and recycling of products and materials. Within Hyundai’s CSV (Creating Shared Value) strategy, Re:Style falls under the ‘circular economy’ pillar, revitalising materials and waste on the path to a more sustainable future.

With this in mind, products are designed for extended lifespans, and materials are consistently reused or repurposed. Re:Style not only benefits the environment by reducing pollution and conserving resources but also promotes eco-friendly and innovative practices and technologies. This approach also presents economic opportunities by creating jobs in recycling and remanufacturing industries while fostering innovation and sustainable growth.

The establishment of Re:Style as a platform in Europe marks a significant milestone for Hyundai, reaffirming the company’s dedication to upcycling, eco-consciousness, and innovation.

Re:Style’s Evolution

Re:Style made its debut in 2019 in New York with Maria Cornejo, who crafted a unique collection of clothing from waste car seat fabric. In 2020, the project evolved into a platform for collaboration with six designers at the Selfridges store in London. Most recently, in 2021, the company partnered with L’Eclaireur in Paris and Boontheshop in Seoul, expanding its reach and impact even further.

To continue Re:Style’s rich legacy, Scott launched his one-of-a-kind couture collection in 2023, initially unveiled in Seoul and now for its launch brought to the heart of sustainable living in Amsterdam.

The collaboration with Scott underscores Hyundai’s commitment to endorsing visionary concepts. Renowned for his ability to challenge fashion conventions and disrupt norms, his influence on the fashion industry and creativity is undeniable. Scott’s collection goes beyond mere fashion; it serves as a purposeful statement. By repurposing various discarded materials from the car manufacturing process, Scott transformed these materials into extravagant fashion pieces. He intentionally breaks with stereotypes of sustainable design with an haute couture collection consisting of discarded materials, deadstock fabrics and new materials derived from parts such as wheels, seat belts, tail lights and wipers.

During the launch event in Amsterdam Jeremy Scott will be joined by star designer Maria Cornejo. She was the first designer to join Re:Style in 2019 and is a driving force behind sustainable fashion globally. Cornejo`s first Re:Style collection was based on the reuse of fabrics used in the car`s interior. Leather used for seat covers, seatbelts but also airbags were integrated in her collection which will be exhibited next to the latest collection of Jeremy Scott to show the roots of Re:Style.

Back to its roots

The essence of Re:Style deeply reflects Hyundai’s profound Korean heritage, originating in the heart of Hyundai Motor Company’s birthplace. At the core of this fusion is the spirit of Korean culture to preserve old materials, buildings and heritage and repurposing to create something modern and new. Same as for the timeless hanbok, which translates to ‘Korean clothing’. Hanbok transcends mere fashion; it is a living symbol of cultural and ceremonial significance intricately woven into the tapestry of Korean traditions.

Re:Style is not just a platform but a lifestyle that encourages people to reimagine their choices, from the clothes they wear to the cars they drive. This platform is about transforming the way people think, act, and design, all the while encouraging innovative thinking beyond conventional boundaries.

The platform is to continue throughout the next years and engage not only on a circular economy for fashion, but architecture and music amongst others.

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