08.02.2021 Press release

Hyundai KONA Electric and IONIQ Electric added to ‘Onto’

  • Hyundai Motor UK & All-inclusive electric car (EV) subscription service ‘Onto’ have announced a new direct supply agreement for 2021
  • Onto has expanded its fleet to include the new Hyundai KONA Electric Premium SE (64kWh) and the Hyundai IONIQ Electric Premium (38kWh)
  • Subscription model gives customers an affordable, all-inclusive and flexible opportunity to drive the latest electric cars

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Hyundai Motor UK has signed an agreement to supply all-inclusive electric car (EV) subscription service ‘Onto’ with electric vehicles for 2021.

Hyundai will provide ‘Onto’ the new Hyundai KONA Electric Premium SE (64kWh) and the Hyundai IONIQ Electric Premium (38kWh), which will add a total of 275 new cars to Onto’s fleet by March. With this expansion, Hyundai helps the subscription service to further solidify its position as the UK’s largest all-EV fleet.

The KONA is a brand new addition to Onto’s compact SUV line, while the IONIQ, which was already offered in the existing fleet, gets a powerful upgrade in the premium model. Both cars are available to Onto customers now for delivery within 72 hours.

Hyundai already offers the most diverse range of alternative fuel vehicles in the market and we will continue to invest heavily in clean mobility to bring an even greater choice of zero-emission vehicles to consumers in the years ahead. Most customers who have already bought electric cars say they will never go back. Many are passionate about their new way of EV life and wish they had decarbonised their personal mobility sooner. However, many people do still need to be reassured about the usability of zero-emission cars day-to-day. The Onto subscription model provides customers with a short-term opportunity to experience living with an EV which is the best way to showcase the long-term benefits of the technology.

Ashley Andrew Managing Director, Hyundai Motor UK Ltd

The addition of the KONA Electric and the Hyundai IONIQ models is exciting news for our customers, offering greater choice than ever before with our fully-flexible monthly subscription. With a minimum of a one-month agreement and no deposit, subscribers can now enjoy all the benefits of the Hyundai KONA Electric Premium SE and the Hyundai IONIQ Electric Premium without the long term commitment, with the option to change to another make or model the following month.

Rob Jolly CEO at Onto

A total of 150 Hyundai KONAs have been added and will be available from mid-January for £559 per month. With a liquid-cooled 64kWh battery, it gives drivers an impressive 300 Miles WLTP, and can be charged to 80% battery in 75 minutes on a 50kW charger.

Heated seats and heated steering create a comfortable driving experience for colder mornings, while autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind spot detection, forward collision warning and a full suite of airbags ensures maximum safety for drivers.

A further 125 Hyundai IONIQs have been added to the fleet and will be available from mid-January for £449 per month which, on the ‘by subscription’ ownership model, includes insurance, breakdown cover, wear and tear, service and repair, free charging at any Polar Plus or Shell Recharge Network charging station, and road tax.

Capable of 193 miles WLTP, the IONIQ Electric Premium comes fitted with additional connectivity features for an enhanced driving experience.

Onto’s subscription model strives to give customers an affordable, sustainable usership experience for driving the latest electric cars, tailoring subscriptions to individual needs. Subscriptions are all-inclusive with totally transparent pricing and total flexibility, allowing users to step into the EV world without being tied into a long contract or faced with a large upfront cost.

For more information on both the Hyundai Kona and the Hyundai IONIQ, visit www.hyundai.co.uk.

For more information about Onto, visit https://on.to/.

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