08.05.2024 Press release

Driving the future: Hyundai Connected Mobility to revolutionise digital mobility solutions

  • Hyundai is using advanced technologies to enhance in-car experience and embraces car usership, launching Hyundai Connected Mobility to redefine digital services for European customers
  • New entity’s strategy centres on personalised experiences and value-added services through mobility, connected car, and data services
  • Offerings will include car subscriptions, Bluelink® services, vehicle software Over-the-Air updates, as well as digital services, such as Features-on-Demand and Vehicle-to-Everything

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Hyundai Motor Europe has announced Hyundai Connected Mobility – a new entity established in April dedicated to help Hyundai to deliver on its transition towards software-defined vehicles and smart mobility solutions. Hyundai Connected Mobility’s ultimate goal is to offer a range of digital in-car and in-app services as well as new mobility services throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle to provide seamless customer experience.

At Hyundai, we serve our customers at their highest point of need and are driven by our relentless pursuit of tomorrow’s solutions. Hyundai Connected Mobility is our strategic response to our customers’ growing demand for more connected, accessible, and personalised services.

Marcus Welz Managing Director of Hyundai Connected Mobility

Hyundai Connected Mobility’s three-fold strategy

Hyundai Connected Mobility’s portfolio consists of three main pillars: mobility services, connected car services, and data-driven digital services.

Hyundai Connected Mobility is addressing the increasing customer demand for flexible usage models through its mobility service brand, MOCEAN. Car subscriptions present an appealing alternative to purchasing or leasing a Hyundai vehicle. Hyundai has tailored MOCEAN Subscription to provide customers with swift and flexible access to cars via a seamless digital user experience, eliminating paperwork entirely. Subscription models are pivotal in enticing new customers beyond conventional ownership, enabling users to explore our extensive lineup of award-winning electrified vehicles.

Hyundai Connected Mobility’s portfolio in the realm of connected car technologies is enhancing the drivers experience while keeping customers connected with their car and the ecosystem around. The solutions encompass the embedded in-vehicle platform Bluelink® as well as new services leveraging the technology stack of software-defined vehicles (SDVs). Hyundai plans to initiate three different Bluelink® service packages for every customer need, including Bluelink® Lite available throughout the vehicle lifecycle and more advanced subscription services with value-added features.

Additionally, digital services will play an important role on how customers experience the benefits of software-defined vehicles. On top of providing regular infotainment software Over-the-Air (OTA) updates, this pillar will launch new customer-centric services – such as Features-on-Demand (FODs), in-car payments, Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) applications, including Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) – and offer driver-related solutions for parking and smart charging. By embracing SDVs, Hyundai aims to provide seamless, personalised experiences that prioritise customer preferences.

Synergy for customer satisfaction

To drive change throughout the automotive industry’s ongoing transformation, Hyundai Connected Mobility will leverage the entire Hyundai ecosystem on a global scale. This strategic approach to software and services will require an organisational shift. While Hyundai Connected Mobility benefits from its customer proximity and their feedback, Hyundai Motor Europe will tap into its extensive product expertise. Together, they will ensure to enhance customer experience, offering products tailored to meet their evolving expectations.

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