16.04.2020 Press release

H.E.L.P. database supports Hyundai dealerships during pandemic

  • Hyundai has launched a new internal database to support its subsidiaries and dealerships during the current viral pandemic
  • The database, known as Hyundai Emergency Legal Program (H.E.L.P.), contains information on how to comply with regional regulations as well as to cope with new legal and financial challenges arising from the crisis
  • Hyundai is the first OEM in the automotive sector to support its retail network in this way

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To help our Dealer Partners to navigate the plethora of measures and regulations implemented in the wake of the viral pandemic, Hyundai has established an internal database for support.

Hyundai Motor Europe’s Legal Department established Hyundai Emergency Legal Program, or the H.E.L.P. database, together with the support of an international law firm. It is available to Hyundai dealers in 10 European countries. Hyundai Motor Europe and its European subsidiaries are keeping the database continuously updated.

H.E.L.P. has two main functions: first, to help Hyundai dealers and subsidiaries navigate the plethora of information coming from national, international, and regional authorities. The information is organised by region, so that users will only be shown the information that is relevant to them. And second, the database is a place to distribute information from within the Hyundai Group. This is to help them stabilise and optimise their liquidity during the COVID-19 crisis and to operate in line with relevant regulations resulting from the viral pandemic.

H.E.L.P. underlines Hyundai’s unparalleled commitment to its retail network during the current crisis. By putting all the relevant information in one, easy-to-navigate place, we are making it easier for our dealers to comply with the complex recommendations and legal measures coming in every day from a variety of sources.

Hyun-Soo Kim General Legal Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Hyundai Motor Europe

Background information: the COVID-19 crisis and the automotive industry

As the novel coronavirus outbreak has escalated into a global pandemic, national governments as well as regional authorities are implementing drastic measures to slow the spread of the virus and reduce the human toll. One of the effects this has had in the automotive industry is that dealerships around the world have had to temporarily close. As the duration of the crisis remains unknown, national governments are continuously introducing measures designed to help businesses survive the crisis. This has created a need for a centralised source of easily retrievable, up-to-date information for businesses affected by the crisis – which is how the concept of H.E.L.P. was born.

A one-stop source of information

As H.E.L.P. features a compilation of recommendations and regulations from different authorities and from within the company, it functions as a one-stop source of information for Hyundai dealers. Dealers can navigate to the H.E.L.P. database via their dealer portal, where they will be directed to a multilingual landing page with the latest information from Hyundai Motor Europe. From there, they can navigate to their regional page. This page contains a news feed with relevant information in their local language, regionally-tailored guidance on how to stabilise and optimise liquidity, on how to operate in compliance with new regulations and a Q&A section where they can ask for guidance by Hyundai Motor Europe legal department, or a relevant subsidiary.

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