DescargarThe Art of Deception Artist: Isaac Monté, Toby Kiers Description: With this collection of 21 transformed hearts we explore how biological interventions and aesthetic manipulation can be used as tools for the ultimate deception: the transformation of inner beauty, from grotesque to perfect. Can the ghost organ be a blank canvas for designers? Can organs be objects of design? Will humans be able to manipulate organs for aesthetic purposes? The discarded dead hearts will not function as canonical organs, but rather as a representation of how far science can manipulate the human body. Credit: Ars Electronica / Vanessa Graf
Descargar(from left) Qiu Zhijie, Professor of China Central Academy of Fine Arts / Martin Honzik, Director of Ars Electronica Festival / Elaine W. Ng, Chief Editor of Art Asia Pacific / Wei Ying, 2018 Hyundai Blue Prize ‘Sustainability Award’ Winner / Euisun Chung, Executive Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor Group / Long Xingru, 2018 Hyundai Blue Prize ‘Creativity Award’ Winner / Li Zhenhua, Curator & Artist / Mariano Sardón, Multimedia Artist
DescargarThe Lacuna Shifts Artist: DEPART Description: Alice in Wonderland inspired the artists’ collective named DEPART to create this virtual reality application that immerses users into a world behind the looking glass in which nothing is the way it seems. Walls move, objects begin to speak, and gravity ceases to operate. The space is incessantly changing, depending on one’s point of view. The use of a real-time 3-D environment lets visitors experience this realm of wonders that has new surprises in store each time you step inside. Credit: Ars Electronica / Vanessa Graf