01.07.2021 Pressemeldung

Hyundai Motor Welcomes Boston Dynamics with Special Video Showing BTS

  • Hyundai Motor Company celebrates Hyundai Motor Group’s acquisition of Boston Dynamics with a special video featuring its global brand ambassador BTS
  • Boston Dynamic’s ‘Spot’ and ‘Atlas’ robots dance with BTS to “IONIQ: I’m On It”
  • Robotics is an important area of business development for Hyundai Motor Group, further strengthened with its acquisition of Boston Dynamics


Hyundai Motor Company today released a special brand video.

Hyundai Motor Company today released a special brand video—starring BTS, worldwide pop icon and Hyundai Motor’s global brand ambassador—to celebrate the completion of Hyundai Motor Group’s acquisition of Boston Dynamics.

With the acquisition of Boston Dynamics, Hyundai Motor will expand its new robotics business to provide customers with exciting mobility experiences. We look forward to exploring new marketing opportunities to communicate with millennials and Gen Z, in particular, about the enormous potential offered by Hyundai’s new robotics in daily life, enabling progress for humanity.

Thomas Schemera Executive Vice President und Global Chief Marketing Officer bei Hyundai Motor

In the video, “Welcome to the Family with BTS,” Boston Dynamic’s robots ‘Spot’ and ‘Atlas’ dance with BTS to their song “IONIQ: I’m On It,” an anthem released last year to celebrate the launch of Hyundai Motor’s dedicated electric vehicle brand, IONIQ.

The video shows how Boston Dynamic’s robots are programmed to conduct physical movements and—in this case—adapt them for dancing. In the video, the robots are challenged to conduct movements of BTS’ choreography, eventually dancing together with the group to the music.

Hyundai x Boston Dynamics | Welcome to the Family with BTS

The video starts with Kid’s NEXO guiding ‘Spot’ into a film shooting studio, where the quadruped robot meets BTS and starts to dance the group’s dynamic dance moves. Then, ‘Atlas’, the humanoid robot, shows off its dance moves, which raises the energy level even higher. The video ends with both robots mastering the moves of BTS choreography.

The field of robotics is an important area of business development for Hyundai Motor Group further bolstered by the acquisition of Boston Dynamics. Last September, the Group demonstrated its interest in advancing robotics by introducing ‘VEX (Vest EXoskeleton),’ a wearable robot that supports production line workers, as well as an ‘Electric Vehicle Charging Manipulator’ and other ‘Robotic Personal Mobility’ solutions.


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