14.01.2024 Pressemeldung

Hyundai Motor Opens ‘Hyundai Future Adventure’ on Roblox to Showcase Vision of Tomorrow to Young Generations

  • Hyundai Motor launches interactive content on Roblox, a global immersive platform for connection and communication, following preview at CES 2024
  • The new ‘Hyundai Future Adventure’ engages Gen Z and Alpha in Hyundai Motor’s vision of tomorrow through a fun and interactive experience
  • Users explore Hyundai Motor’s innovative technologies in the robotics, EV, AAM and hydrogen fields through six jump-action challenges in the virtual world


Hyundai Motor Company today officially launched immersive content on Roblox, following an open beta showcase on January 8 as part of the company’s participation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024.

Hyundai Motor aims to engage young people in its vision of tomorrow through a fun and interactive experience on Roblox, a global popular immersive platform among Gen Z and Alpha. In the new ‘Hyundai Future Adventure’ metaverse, users can explore freely and interact with innovative technologies developed by Hyundai Motor.

Hyundai Future Adventure consists of six jump-action challenges themed around future mobility that will advance humanity. Users take their journey while exploring the future-themed park, which features robotics, IONIQ electric vehicles (EVs), advanced air mobility (AAM), hydrogen technology, and other transformative future technologies.

The adventure maps include the H-tech campus, an area to explore cutting-edge technology; the HTWO waterpark, powered by hydrogen; the Robotics lab, featuring a range of Hyundai robots; the Spacecraft horizon, highlighting cosmic expedition; the Botanic garden, promoting sustainable values embodied by the IONIQ lineup; and Antarctica, featuring Hyundai rescue robots.

In addition to the included maps and challenges, Hyundai Motor has made a collection of digital items and accessories available on the Roblox Marketplace for the first time. This allows users to purchase and customize their avatars with robot characters – such as Dal-e and N Vision 74 – as well as other digital items.

Hyundai Motor is continuously interacting with future generations to promote its vision for future mobility and engage these groups in the initiative. Since 2016, the company has held its ‘Hyundai Kids Motorshow’ – a drawing contest inspired by the brilliant imaginations of children, focusing on future mobility concepts – and the ‘Future Mobility School’, an education program giving students the opportunity to learn about future technologies and explore potential career options through creative activities.

Hyundai Motor plans to enhance its communication to emphasize its future mobility vision. The company recently showcased its cutting-edge technologies at CES 2024, centered on Hyundai’s vision for a hydrogen energy ecosystem and software-centric transformation.

More information about Hyundai Future Adventure can be found at the Roblox content page or Hyundai Motor’s official website.


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