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All-New Hyundai NEXO – The Future Utility Vehicle made by Hyundai

  • The All-New Hyundai NEXO strengthens Hyundai Motor’s commitment to a cleaner future
  • With the ix35 Fuel Cell, Hyundai Motor was the first car manufacturer to commercialise hydrogen in a production model with more fuel cell cars on European roads than all other brands combined
  • Hyundai Motor again takes the lead in fuel cell electric vehicles, offering the most advanced technology on the market with autonomous driving capabilities and the strongest powertrain in the segment
  • The Next-Generation fuel cell vehicle shows what future driving will look like and lets customers experience the future with autonomous driving capabilities like Remote Parking and other innovative convenience features such as Blind Spot View Monitor
  • With an estimated driving range of up to 413 miles (under WLTP testing) NEXO customers benefit from the longest hydrogen-powered capacity currently available, which is comparable to that of cars with a combustion engine
  • The All-New NEXO is characterised by a pure and calm design with optimised features for aerodynamics improving the air flow and reducing air resistance
  • State-of-the-art connectivity and navigation system with 12.3-inch colour LCD touchscreen featuring seamless LCD cover glass and split-screen function for high customer usability
  • NEXO offers advanced active safety features – the Lane Following Assist, a Hyundai first, automatically adjusts steering to assist the driver to keep in the centre of the lane

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With the All-New Hyundai NEXO, the company again takes the lead in this segment with the first dedicated hydrogen-powered SUV.
With the All-New Hyundai NEXO, Hyundai Motor’s second-generation of commercialised fuel cell electric vehicles, the company again takes the lead in this segment with the first dedicated hydrogen-powered SUV. This next generation fuel cell vehicle offers the most advanced technology on the market with autonomous driving capabilities, smart advanced driver assistance systems and strongest powertrains in the segment.
Hyundai Motor is already market leader in fuel cell technology across Europe. Over 70 per cent of all fuel cell cars driving in Europe are made by Hyundai. The All-New NEXO is an essential step in our eco car strategy to launch 18 new eco cars globally until 2025. It reflects our strong commitment in clean future mobility.

Thomas A. Schmid Chief Operating Officer of Hyundai Motor Europe

NEXO is the technological flagship of Hyundai’s growing eco-vehicle fleet and is built on a newly developed and dedicated vehicle platform. Hyundai Motor calls it a FUV – a future utility vehicle – combining the practicality of an SUV crossover with advanced electrified technology, comprehensive driver assistance functions and innovative and appealing design features. The new NEXO has the best range within the fuel cell and EV car segment of 413 miles (under WLTP testing) / 466 miles (NEDC) – comparable to an internal combustion engine and allowing drivers to travel long distances.

NEXO Driving Trailer

The All-New NEXO consolidates Hyundai Motor’s fuel cell technology leadership

NEXO is available across Europe starting from mid-2018.“2018. Hyundai Motor is investing heavily in a future zero-emission mobility already covering the widest range of alternative powertrains in the industry. With the new fuel cell system, Hyundai has taken the comprehensive technology of the previous model further forward. The company is now introducing the most advanced eco-friendly powertrain making the fuel cell technology smaller, lighter and stronger. The next generation fuel cell vehicle improves the air supply system and reduces the already short refuelling times. The overall efficiency and fuel economy put the NEXO in a class all of its own.
With the ix35 Fuel Cell, Hyundai Motor was the first car manufacturer to mass-produce fuel cell vehicles. The All-New NEXO is the next model on the European market as part of Hyundai’s eco-strategy to introduce a total of 18 eco-friendly vehicles globally by 2025 to accelerate the development of low- to zero-emission driving.

Futuristic Design

The All-New NEXO’s design is inspired by nature, consisting of a pure and calm composition. With its streamlined silhouette and a floating roof, the exterior shape highlights a smooth, seamless integration of function and design. The interior space harmonises state of the art technology with purism. By applying aerodynamic techniques, the design of the All-New NEXO is optimised to reduce the drag coefficient. Its characteristic purism is further executed by the use of UL (Underwriters Laboratories)-certified bio materials for every surface. This improves the CO2 balance of NEXO by 20 per cent.

Best-in-class driving range of 413 miles

NEXO’s features a new fuel cell powertrain that is optimised for durability, performance and is lighter. NEXO accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 9.54 seconds and reaches a best-in-class top speed of 111 mph. The eco-friendly fuel cell powertrain boasts an increased rate of hydrogen utilisation and component efficiency, which results in the world’s best system efficiency of 60 per cent with a fuel consumption of 0.95 kg per 100 km. The All-New NEXO has the best driving range of 413 miles (under WLTP testing) and 466 miles (NEDC) – better than any other fuel cell car. For its highly durable membrane electrode catalyst and new drive control technology NEXO’s durability is outstanding and unprecedented: at least ten years and nearly 100,000 miles. Furthermore, as a fuel cell electric vehicle, NEXO does not emit particulates and even filters and purifies the air as it drives.

Autonomous driving features: Remote Smart Parking Assist

The NEXO is the first model in Hyundai’s line-up that offers autonomous driving technology, Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA), for instance, allows the vehicle to automatically park or retrieve itself from a parking space with or without a driver in the car.

Safety and connectivity features

Hyundai truly cares about the customer’s well-being. To comply with the highest European safety standards, the All-New NEXO offers one of the best-in-class safety packages and industry-first safety features. All features are part of Hyundai SmartSense active safety and driving assistance technologies. New features such as Lane Following Assist, Blind-Spot Collision Warning and Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning ensure drivers’ safety on the road by preventing collision risk.
Two large LCD displays one of 12.3-inch navigation system and the 7-inch LCD cluster ensure connectivity and give the interior a futuristic look. The 7-inch display holds the digital instrument cluster to show speed and, fuel level and other key driving information. The navigation touchscreen comes with a new split-screen function and a new home screen for the navigation, connectivity and infotainment features.

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