19.01.2017 Press release

Hyundai launches maintenance menu for out of warranty vehicles

  • Hyundai’s new eSENSEtials Servicing features ‘maintenance menu’ for out of warranty Hyundai vehicles
  • Peace-of-mind two-year warranty on all parts fitted during a service
  • All servicing tiers include 12 months AA Roadside assistance as standard
  • eSENSEtials servicing starts at just £99 annually

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Hyundai has launched a new clear and consistent servicing offer called ‘eSENSEtials’ for out of warranty Hyundai vehicles.
The new hassle-free ‘maintenance menu’ follows the launch of ‘Hyundai Sense Service Plans’ last autumn, and brings similar benefits to Hyundai owners whose cars exceed the generous five-year warranty period.
Owners can choose from three eSENSEtials servicing tiers: Base, Interim and Full. The three tiers include the same core benefits, with all work completed by trained Hyundai technicians, plus all applicable engine management software updates, and a two-year Hyundai warranty on all parts fitted during the service. In addition, owners receive an official Hyundai stamp in the vehicle’s service book and have the car’s Digital Work Record updated.
One of the most significant benefits is the inclusion of 12 months of free AA Roadside Assistance, offering year-round cover for breakdowns that occur more than 0.25 miles from home.
Our new eSENSEtials plan bolsters the existing Hyundai Sense servicing programmes, offering customers peace of mind with genuine parts, Hyundai trained technicians and two years of warranty on parts fitted. The peace-of-mind approach, plus the addition of 12 months free AA Roadside Assistance helps to make ownership as straightforward and rewarding as possible for our customers.

Nick Tunnell Aftersales Director of Hyundai UK

The servicing packages are priced from just £99 for the Base service, which incorporates a 24-point check on the vehicle as well as an engine oil and filter renewal. A 29-point check is standard for Interim level servicing, which also includes brake- and clutch-fluid renewal for a total of £159. The Full service option involves a 35-point check, the replacement of spark plugs, climate filter, and additional vehicle fluids for £219. Owners can opt to add a fixed-price MOT to any service plan for £40.
Last year’s launch of Hyundai Sense Service Plans added new features to the company’s existing fixed-price service offers, most notably giving new vehicle owners the option to pay in advance or spread the cost of servicing with bite-size monthly payments. Available over two, three or five years and starting from £249, the plans cover all scheduled servicing for cars in warranty. What’s more, if an owner upgrades their Hyundai before the plan ends, they can transfer it to their new vehicle.
Unlike other conventional plans, a Hyundai Sense Service Plan can be purchased up until the day of a vehicle’s first service, allowing customers the choice of spreading the cost of their vehicles servicing, even if their decision isn’t made until the day their vehicle is serviced.

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