01.04.2018 Press release

Hyundai i30N development secrets unwrapped

  • Hyundai Motor UK has created a special film revealing the clever development secrets behind the i30N, including Cacao Corner: https://youtu.be/kiOMkN84pAM
  • This unique corner features a bespoke road surface, developed in-house by Hyundai, to capture tyre tracks for analysis
  • Hyundai’s engineers tested hundreds of materials for Cacao Corner, before settling  on a mixture of just three
  • The Hyundai i30N is available to order now from £25,010 OTR. To configure yours, head to: www.hyundai.co.uk/Hyundai/i30N‎
Hyundai Motor UK has unwrapped the development secrets behind the i30N hot hatch’s dynamic handling, with a special film recorded at its top-secret test track.
The film uncovers the unique Cacao Corner, featuring a bespoke surface cooked up by Hyundai’s engineers to capture tyre prints for dynamic analysis.
The bespoke high viscosity material has been produced in Hyundai’s Research & Development facility using a selection of abundant natural and completely biodegradable components. Following months of testing, and the combination of hundreds of different ingredients, Hyundai settled on a mixture of just three…
During dynamic testing the i30N completes laps of the test track – including Cacao Corner – and the project engineers analyse the on-board telemetry in conjunction with the tyre prints left in Cacao Corner. The resulting data is used to tweak the i30N’s handling characteristics to create one of the finest handling hot hatches on sale today.
Thanks to the unique properties of the corner – created by mixing cocoa, butter and milk – parts of Cacao Corner can be removed and refrigerated to create a long-lasting record of previous testing results. These samples are traditionally responsibly disposed of by Hyundai’s engineers during Easter.
At Hyundai we create almost everything needed to produce our cars, including the steel, the robots, and the ships to transport them. So, it only makes sense that we create our own track-testing surfaces, including the unique butter, milk and cocoa mixture used for Cacao corner. The team of people that develops the mixture is among the most dedicated in the business, but they do tend to go a bit quiet over the Easter period…

Cara Mell Hyundai’s Chief Materials Engineer

The Hyundai i30N is available to order now from £25,010 OTR. To configure your own Hyundai i30N, head to: www.hyundai.co.uk/Hyundai/i30N‎
The Hyundai i30N Cacao Corner film can be viewed in full at: https://youtu.be/kiOMkN84pAM

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