Hyundai Snow Challenge 2021

  • Hyundai has revealed a video of the i20 Coupe WRC and all-new Tucson towing a skier at the Bilster Berg race track in a winter sport known as skijoring
  • The stunt showcased the four-wheel drive capabilities of the all-new Tucson as well as the ability of the i20 Coupe WRC to handle snowy terrain
  • It also highlighted the fun-to-drive aspect of Hyundai vehicles, one of the cornerstones of the high-performance strategy embodied in Hyundai N

- Hyundai has released a new video showing what the company has dubbed the “Hyundai Snow Challenge 2021”.

In it, a professional skier is pulled behind the all-new Tucson and the i20 Coupe WRC along a snowy Bilster Berg race track, a winter sport known as skijoring. Hyundai wanted to take advantage of the unusually cold and snowy weather blanketing Germany in recent weeks and decided to organise this extreme stunt.

With this stunt, we really wanted to highlight that Hyundai vehicles are fun to drive. In addition to showing off the snow driving performance of the i20 Coupe WRC and the all-new Tucson, it was also a fun way to convey the dynamic spirit of Hyundai.

Andreas-Christoph HofmannVice President of Marketing & Product at Hyundai Motor Europe

The video opens with a look across the snow-covered Bilster Berg track on a sunny winter day. Rolf Neuhaus, Business Development and Marketing & Communications at Bilster Berg Race Track, comments that there hasn’t been snow at the Bilster Berg in ten years.

The video switches to a shot of the i20 Coupe WRC as Hyundai Motorsport Customer Racing driver Luca Engstler introduces himself. The viewer sees professional skier Christoph Friedel as he clips into his skis and a tow rope is connected to the back of the rally car. A thumbs up is given, and the car takes off with the skier in tow. The rips and roars of the motor give way to an upbeat soundtrack.

What follows are several shots of the i20 Coupe WRC pulling the skier at high speeds around the twists and curves of the wintery Bilster Berg track. Both driver and skier expertly navigate the turns of the track and the snowy terrain, displaying their expertise at their respective sports. The tyres of the rally car kick up plumes of snow at every curve.

It’s unbelievable to have been given such a chance.

Christoph FriedelProfessional skier

The video switches to the all-new Tucson, which is suddenly pulling the skier along the track. The Tucson shows off its four-wheel drive capabilities, its wide stance and soft suspension providing a comfortable ride for both the driver and skier. The video switches between landscape shots, bird’s-eye views, and GoPro footage from the skier’s perspective to convey a fun, free feeling.

“The engineers at Hyundai really did a top job,” says Engstler of the all-new Tucson.

The video shows off the ability of both the i20 Coupe WRC and the all-new Tucson to navigate the curves and chicanes of the Bilster Berg track, even on challenging, snowy terrain. Overall, the light-hearted stunt allowed Hyundai Motor to show off what its high-performance do best: being fun to drive.