The ‘N-gineered’ performance car: The All-New Hyundai i30 Fastback N

- The i30 five-door N has won a number of Touring Car Cup – World and regional – podiums since entering

It has been honoured with an array of awards, including the Auto Bild Sportscar of the Year 2018, the Autocar Game Changer award 2018, Best Hot Hatch in the UK Car of the Year Awards 2018, the What Car? Best Hot Hatch between £20-30,000 and the ‘Life and Seoul of the Party Award’ at the GQ Car Awards 2018. The i30 five-door N has also undergone several high-performance tests on the Nürburgring Nordschleife and Vallelunga race track near Rome to see how it compares to its racing car sibling. Moreover, the New Generation i30 TCR car completed successful tests at the four kilometre track in Valencia. It is not surprising that the i30 five-door N – inspired by and developed from Hyundai’s motorsport commitment – has achieved nearly 12,000 unit orders across Europe (1,200 cars in the UK).

Now, i30 Fastback N takes all that i30 N 5-door has brought to the C segment and lends it a new twist of sophistication while retaining the raw spirit that has attracted so many customers.

R-MDPS responsiveness

The i30 Fastback N offers a high level of precision in its steering, delivering great value to the driver: its rack-mounted motor driven power steering system (R-MDPS) provides stability to the vehicle at high speeds and makes the car instantly responsive at lower speeds. The electric steering assist system located in the steering gear offers very high output and is designed even for track day driving with cup tyres.

N Power Sense Axle

N Power Sense Axle is the name given to the front axle of the i30 Fastback N. Compared to the i30 Fastback base model, lateral stiffness is strengthened through structure change and grip is augmented through several detail adjustments in the suspension and chassis setup. Thanks to greater amounts of grip, the car transfers the engine power to the road effectively and gives the driver lots of feedback to generate maximum driving fun.

Rear stiffness bar

The Body In white of the i30 five-door base model already provides an excellent basis for the car’s overall stiffness with its rigid body structure. Thanks to a strong, light body with 51 per cent in-house developed ultra-high strength steel, the dynamic performance is enhanced and passive passenger safety is increased. To further improve the car’s overall stiffness, the i30 Fastback N will come as standard with a rear stiffening bar installed behind the rear seats. It increases body rigidity by 6 per cent and reduces the natural trend to twist in curves.

Launch Control

The Launch Control system controls the vehicle to reduce wheel spin or slip on a hard acceleration from a standing start, helping to launch the car like a professional driver. Launch Control can be effectively used in N drive mode: with the clutch disengaged, the first gear can be engaged immediately by releasing the clutch pedal within five seconds after full throttle acceleration. After using launch control, it will be available again after three minutes of cooling time. The engine revs can also be set to hold (on full throttle) anywhere from 3600 to 4900rpm.

Rev Matching

Rev Matching automatically increases the revs on the engine when shifting for smoother or sportier downshifts. It synchronises engine speed to the input shaft speed for the next gear during shifting. Consequently, depending on the drive mode, it allows smoother or sportier downshifts. The Rev matching button can be switched on easily by hand as it is located on the right side of the steering wheel.

Electronic Controlled Suspension (ECS)

Electronic Controlled Suspension (ECS) controls the vehicle suspension automatically to maximise driving comfort and performance by taking into account driving conditions such as speed, road surface, cornering, stopping requirements and acceleration. By controlling the damping force, ECS enhances ride and handling and stability.

Electronic Limited Slip Differential

The differential which is standard on the Fastback N enhances grip and delivers maximum power to the road. It is equipped with a mechanism that controls the differential functions of the wheels. It helps to improve the handling when driving technical roads and tracks at speed, to improve the launching performance and to prevent slipping on rainy or snowy roads due to dissimilar traction of the left and right wheels. The differential increases the fun-to-drive factor through corners from turn-in to early corner-exit acceleration.

Sound management

Thanks to the Electronic Sound Generator (ESG) and Variable Exhaust Valve System, the i30 Fastback N offers a fun and rewarding sound experience. To provide the inside of the i30 Fastback N with an audio high-performance experience, a sporty engine sound is produced by the Electronic Sound Generator in the body panel. In the cabin, at the base of the windscreen, an engine sound generator provides some extra acoustic drama to match the mood of the driver. Then with the Variable Exhaust Valve System, depending on the drive mode, the driver can select different exhaust sounds and thus manage to actively control the exhaust valve The sound differs with the size of the valve opening. The system cooperates with the backfire sound generator for a maximised sports car sound experience.

N Drive Mode Control System

Depending on the driver’s mood and the road conditions, the N Drive Mode Control System gives the choice between five distinct drive modes: Eco, Normal, Sport, N and N Custom, which can be activated by using the two dedicated buttons on the steering wheel. The different modes change the character of the car, adjusting the parameters of the engine, the dampers, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), N Carving System, engine sound, R-MDPS responsiveness and Rev matching. In the N Custom mode, drivers can select from Normal, Sport and Sport+ settings for each high-performance component to match driving preferences and road conditions.

Engine power lineup

The i30 Fastback N is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, in combination with front-wheel drive. The engine will generate the maximum power of 275 PS/ 202 kW, a maximum torque of 353 Nm and a maximum speed of 250 km/h. The overboost function, which is activated when reaching maximum torque, further increases torque to 378 Nm. It enhances the turbocharger speed for up to 18 seconds by increasing the amount of air and fuel for further output.

In addition, the i30 Fastback N features the Electronic Limited Slip Differential for exceptional traction and the Variable Exhaust Valve System for a sporty sound. Its maximum grip is guaranteed by the 19-inch Pirelli P-Zero high-performance Hyundai N tyres, a unique variant of the Ultra High Performance Summer tyre with the dimensions 235/35 R19 made by Italian premium tyre manufacturer Pirelli.

High Performance Driving Data

Those who love taking the car through corners at speed are able to get the driving information of PS, torque, turbo boost as well as a lap and acceleration timer on the i30 Fastback N’s centre screen. The high performance driving data saves and displays driving data, a very useful aid on the race track.