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02.01.2018 Story

Surging: the coming switch to electric cars

2017 is the year the electric car leapt off the news pages and became a firm reality - one that Hyundai Motor has already fully embraced.

27.10.2017 Story

Could solar roads be the future of driving?

The world’s first solar panel road opened in a French village at the end of last year. As road surfaces and eco-friendly technology increasingly combine, what does this mean for the future of driving?

09.10.2017 Story

Smart technology and the growing importance of car cybersecurity

In the next five years around 250 million connected vehicles will take to the world’s roads. Smart systems will be used for everything from safety to navigation, making strong cybersecurity essential.

15.08.2017 Story

Hyundai's Elec City: the future of public transportation?

Hyundai Motor recently unveiled its new all-electric-powered bus, which it plans to put into mass production next year. But does it represent the future of public transportation?

11.07.2017 Story

Delivery to taxi: how businesses are already using autonomous driving

​Self-driving cars are being touted as a vision of future transport but we're already seeing the technology being put to commercial use.


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