Two world premieres, two pioneers: Hyundai at the Geneva Motor Show

  • Freediving world record holder Herbert Nitsch and 2016/2017 Big Wave Tour World Champion Grant “Twiggy” Baker are featured in a video at Hyundai Motor’s Geneva International Motor Show press conference
  • The two pioneers bring to life Hyundai Motor’s latest world premieres unveiled in Geneva, the FE Fuel Cell Concept and the New Generation i30 Wagon
  • The hydrogen-powered FE Fuel Cell Concept gives an exciting outlook at the next generation fuel cell vehicle to be launched in 2018 while the i30 Wagon is the second member of the i30 family

- At the Geneva International Motor Show 2017, Hyundai Motor celebrated two world premieres: the FE Fuel Cell Concept and the i30 Wagon, brought to life by two pioneers.

The premiere of the two new models was brought to life by Herbert Nitsch, the current freediving world record holder and Grant “Twiggy” Baker, the 2016/2017 Big Wave Tour World Champion

As a pioneer you need to have a clear vision for the future and the ambition to go beyond expectations. In Europe we want to become the number one Asian automotive brand by 2021 – in sales and customer satisfaction.

Thomas A. SchmidChief Operating Officer at Hyundai Motor Europe

The pioneering spirit of Herbert Nitsch and Grant “Twiggy” Baker pushes boundaries. This mentality links to Hyundai Motor’s ambition showcased with the FE Fuel Cell Concept, moving fuel cell technology to the next level. With a range of more than 800 kilometres between refuelling, the FE Fuel Cell Concept represents the next step for Hyundai Motor towards realising its ultimate ambition of creating a zero-emission Hydrogen Energy Society.

Geneva is also the stage for the unveiling of the i30 Wagon. The new member of the i30 family retains the timeless design of its five-door sibling, adding elegance and versatility to its body style. Designed, developed, tested and manufactured in Europe, the New Generation Hyundai i30 is Hyundai Motor’s DNA car for Europe


I am not sure why, but there is something deep inside me that forces me to go beyond what should be humanly possible.

Herbert NitschFreediving world record holder

Herbert Nitsch has held world records in eight freediving disciplines. He surpassed his own depth with a world record dive in June 2012 to 253.2 meters. He also set a time of 9 minutes and 4 seconds for the world Static Apnea record holding his breath in a swimming pool.


Being a pioneer is about not caving in when going gets tough, to have the courage to not settle in the depths of mediocrity.

Grant "Twiggy"BakerSouth African professional surfer

Grant “Twiggy” Baker is the 2016/2017 Big Wave Tour World Champion, a title he has also held in the 2013/2014 season. 

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