VIDEO: Meet the Hyundai Kona Gang

- Hyundai Motor recently teamed up with five ground-breaking creatives for the launch of the All-New Hyundai Kona. In the following videos, the Kona Gang reveal what inspires them.

The All-New Kona is a true SUV with a sleek, sharp design, and carries the slogan “You drive it. You define it.” It is the latest milestone on Hyundai Motor’s journey to becoming the number one Asian automotive brand in Europe by 2021.

The Kona Gang is made up of self-starter fashion bloggers, musicians and designers who are the drivers of their own lives. In a series of videos, they explained why they consider the All-New Kona to be a perfect fit for their different creative lifestyles.

Edgy: Marina Hörmanseder

Fashion designer Marina Hörmanseder presented her first collection at Berlin Fashion Week 2014, just two years after completing her studies. Renowned across the world for her highly unique and edgy designs, her clothes have been worn by Hollywood A-list celebrities like Lady Gaga.

Like Marina’s designs, the All-New Kona's interior is edgy. Its interior colour accents add a splash of colour to the dashboard, the stitching of the seats and the textile of the seatbelts. In the video, she explains how innovation defines her life, and that twice a year she likes to reinvent herself to become better as a designer.


I see a car a bit like my collection: it's the design, it's the details and it's the fun.

Marina Hörmanseder

Innovative: Gala Gonzalez

Back in 2007, writer Gala Gonzalez started what is widely considered to be Spain’s first fashion blog. Ten years on, and she remains a respected authority on all things fashion.

Like Gala, the All-New Kona is innovative. With a wide variety of unique colour choices, drivers can truly make the Kona's innovative design their own, both on the inside and the outside. In the video, Gala reveals that the rise of blogging and social media gave fashion a voice and allowed her to become an influencer.


I think the design of a car is as important as the clothes that I’m wearing, to be honest, because it’s an extent of what you like and how you see the world and insomuch who you are.

Gala Gonzalez

Desirable: Jan Blomqvist

DJ Jan Blomqvist grew up playing punk and rock, but his perspective on music changed completely when he discovered techno.

The All-New Kona boasts desirable sound befitting of a DJ like Jan. Drivers can use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to control their phone’s apps, music and more through the 7-inch Display Audio System. In the video, Jan explains why music is so important to him.


I realised that I am the driver of my own life when I was 21 in my second year in Berlin and I was so influenced by the music scene and I realised it can be more than pop music or grunge rock or something. Then I changed my life into electronic stuff and I was so fascinated and then I realised that’s my road.

Jan Blomqvist

Progressive: Mariano Di Vaio

After beginning his career as a model, Mariano Di Vaio now runs one of the biggest fashion blogs in the world. He believes that a constant forward momentum has defined him throughout the years.

The All-New Kona's progressive power is demonstrated with its 177-horsepower and 7-speed Dual-Clutch Transmission, which delivers uncompromised access to a surprising amount of power. In the video, Mariano explains what he thinks it means to be progressive.


The Kona definitely combines my sense of style, because it has a lot of horsepower, it’s comfortable because I drove it today, and it’s shapey outside. I love the design of the outside, it’s beautiful.

Mariano Di Vaio

Sophisticated: Freddie Harrel

Freddie Harrel is a blogger and consultant who uses her life experiences to coach women into becoming more confident and at ease with themselves. She didn’t always brim with positivity as it took hard work and persistence to refine these traits and grow into the woman she is today.

With the All-New Kona's head-up display and built in safety features, it is a car with heaps of sophistication, much like Freddie. These elements will give drivers peace of mind and let them focus on what’s important on the road ahead.


A car is very much like your clothes, it has a strong role in your style – it’s part of it. So, for my car, I like it to be bold and bright – just like I am!

Freddie Harrel