VIDEO: ELLE x Hyundai Kona - what’s your style?

- Hyundai Motor has teamed up with lifestyle magazine ELLE ahead of the launch of the All-New Kona next month by producing three new videos showcasing the car as the ultimate lifestyle product.

As a B-SUV, the All-New Kona gives the style-conscious urban driver the best of both worlds. From its advanced raised driving position to optional four-wheel drive (4WD) it bears the hallmarks of a true SUV, while boasting the agility and lower running costs of a traditional city car. Visually striking, Kona is available in ten exterior colours, and these can be combined with two roof designs to offer a total of twenty colour combinations. You drive it, you define it.

The All-New Hyundai Kona: what's your style?

Life is all about choices, and the Kona lets you make the most of yours. Hyundai teamed up with ELLE to develop three different style IDs: Active, Modern and Bold.

Active style

You need a car that’s as on-the-go as you are, should never come above style.

Michelle DuguidELLE Fashion Editor

ELLE says that an active lifestyle needs a car that is sporty, energetic, fresh without compromising on aesthetic design. The All-New Kona is stylish and built for busy lives, from the early morning gym class to the post-work networking session. ELLE recommends the punchy Acid Yellow body shade for the active style, as it evokes energy all day long, even during down-time.


Modern style

Glide by in the knowledge that your car matches your intelligent, high-quality tastes.

Michelle DuguidELLE Fashion Editor

According to ELLE, the All-New Kona will keep drivers ahead of the curve as they create, rather than follow new trends. With chic interiors and a sleek body design, this is a sophisticated car that features a host of tech-savvy features like head-up display. The Dark Knight body shade offers a modern style for city-dwellers.


Bold style

The car you drive should say as much about your personal style as any other aspect of your lifestyle.

Michelle DuguidELLE Fashion Editor

ELLE says the All-New Kona will tell the world as much about your personal taste as your wardrobe does. Its eye-catching daytime running lights places drivers at the centre of the action. For the bold style, Tangerine Comet is the ideal shade to complement a daring, playful and vibrant personality.