New Santa Fe: Make Quality Time

- The All-New Hyundai Santa Fe is the perfect family car, a safe space for togetherness. A series of videos demonstrate how Hyundai’s new SUV allows each kind of family to make quality time.

The All-New Santa Fe launched earlier this year, sporting an updated design with a revamped front section characterised by Hyundai’s signature Cascading Grille and slim LED running lights.

The All-New Santa Fe sports an updated design and technology

The following five videos demonstrate how its technology gives drivers quality time with the people they care about most.

Video 1 - ‘Celebration’

In this video, an anxious father and his bride-to-be daughter share some quality time travelling to her wedding in an All-New Santa Fe. They then arrive at the wedding venue and are greeted by a crowd of well-wishers and her wedding partner.


Video 2 - ‘Dad in Black’

This video’s title references the hit Men in Black film that stars Will Smith as a police officer who joins a secret organisation that polices and monitors extraterrestrial interactions on Earth. Unlike the movie, this one features a father driving his fancy-dressed son and two friends to a sci-fi convention in an All-New Santa Fe.


Video 3 - ‘Night Cradle’

The next video is about a man who makes quality time with his over-excited dog during a night time drive around the city in an attempt to get it to calm down. On the way, he stops at a hot dog stand to buy a coffee and is given a sausage to feed to his pet. With the pooch finally asleep, they return home, only for the man to accidently tread on a squeaky toy, waking his little friend in the process!


Video 4 - ‘Always Together’

This video features a father concerned by his sons’ technology consumption. He decides to make quality time and get them to reconnect with nature by taking them on a fishing trip in an All-New Santa Fe. Although their mother is unable to join them, the video call her using a tablet ensuring she doesn’t have to miss out on the fun.


Video 5 – ‘Cuddly Story’

The final video features a man packing his car before a trip away with his partner and young daughter. His daughter is carrying a large monster toy, but thanks to the All-New Santa Fe’s spacious interior, there’s always room to create quality time.


The video also features the All-New Santa Fe’s Head-up display (HUD) technology, which uses augmented reality to relay information on a transparent display within the driver’s eyeline so that they don’t need to avert their eyes from the road. Data is displayed directly on the windshield.