New Generation i20 Coupe: Engine line-up

  • Engine line-up tuned for day-to-day driveability
  • New 1,4-litre Kappa engine enhances fuel efficiency
  • 1,0-litre T-GDI engine to expand engine line-up in 2015

- New Generation i20 Coupe has an engine line-up tuned and optimised for day-to-day driveability.

The gasoline engines available are the much-praised 1,25-litre ‘Kappa’ with 84 PS and the newly developed 100 PS 1,4-litre ‘Kappa’. Two diesel engines, a 1,1-litre with 75 ps and a 1,4-litre with 90 PS, from the ‘U-II’ diesel family complete the engine line up. The choice of engines has been enhanced to offer outstanding choice and drivability, each is compliant with new Euro6 emission regulations. Engines are mated to a choice of five- and six-speed manual whereas the 1,4 Kappa engine is also available with a four-speed automatic transmissions. In addition an automated stop and go (ISG) system is available to further improve the efficiency.

To further enhance the engine line-up of New Generation i20 Coupe, a newly developed 1,0-litre turbocharged three-cylinder gasoline engine will be introduced in 2015. This new Kappa 1,0-litre T-GDI is the first of a new generation of small turbocharged gasoline engines, offering enhanced performance, driving pleasure and efficiency.

The 1,0 litre T-GDI engine is available in two power outputs. The standard-power 100 PS version is aimed at maximising fuel efficiency, while the high-power 120 PS unit has been developed with driving pleasure as a primary objective.
“The new turbocharged engine carries various enhancements and new technologies like direct gasoline injection and a small, single-scroll turbocharger,” explains Jürgen Grimm, Head of Powertrain at Hyundai’s European Technical Center in Rüsselsheim. 

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