An intimate space of complete calm and convenience

  • Finest leather, wood and aluminium matched to attractive and tactile finishes
  • High levels of standard convenience features include world’s first CO2 cabin sensor
  •  Smart Trunk System allows effortless access to spacious luggage area

- All-New Genesis provides generous space and comfort for all occupants, coupled to a standard of specification and equipment that has never before been seen in a Hyundai in Europe.

The luxury interior includes minimal design details, creating a calm cabin ambience that leaves all occupants feeling refreshed. Driver convenience has been optimised through high levels of equipment, including several technologies fitted to a Hyundai car for the first time.

Both driver and passenger seats optimise occupants’ posture thanks to adjustable driver’s seat bolsters and seat cushion extension, enhanced seat pad density and seat support technologies. Position adjustment can be made with the 12-way power front seats, including air pressure-controlled 4-way electronic lumbar adjustor. Heated and ventilated front and rear seats ensure occupants’ total comfort. Seat quality has been enhanced with the introduction of double, rather than single stitching, while special thermosetting technology is used to reduce the likelihood of wrinkles.

The driver’s seat incorporates additional functionality, with a new air-pressure pump and controller valve, providing seatback bolster adjustment through individual air-cells located in the seat. With a total operating time under eight seconds, the new model benefits from both a faster activation process and a greater range of adjustment than many rivals’ models. The seat cushion is electrically-adjustable, providing further support and maximising comfort, and is also heated.

Hyundai’s design and engineering teams have worked together to ensure that while the full portfolio of advanced equipment can be quickly and easily exploited, it is never intrusive. All controls are instinctive to find, intuitive to use and a pleasure to touch, utilising high-quality materials and being logically-placed and easy to operate.


To enhance quality of life and ensure the highest levels of protection for all on board, as well as other road users, All-New Genesis is fitted with the world’s first CO2 cabin sensor. Constantly monitoring air quality, the sensor guards against driver drowsiness and enhances comfort.

The climate control system of All-New Genesis is simple to operate, and automatically detects temperature, humidity and CO2 levels, and maintains safe levels of visibility and comfort. A three-zone function allows different temperatures to be set independently for driver, passenger and rear seat passengers. The system also automatically demists the windscreen, requiring no input from the driver or activation of the air-conditioning system, enhancing safety and maximising efficiency.

The power door latches fitted to All-New Genesis enhance convenience for all occupants by automatically completing the closure of doors, and the logo puddle lamp provides a warm welcome.

Even the Smart Trunk system has been designed to offer more convenience than other systems. Typically, a hands-free trunk-opening feature uses a kick sensor under the rear bumper to enable the driver to open the boot lid. Hyundai’s ergonomic engineers found this method to be difficult when carrying packages. So the All-New Genesis Smart Trunk System is designed to open the boot automatically if the smart key is detected in a pocket or purse within close proximity of the rear of the car for longer than three seconds. This system allows the driver to keep both feet comfortably on the ground, simply waiting by the trunk for a few seconds for it to open automatically. The Smart Trunk system also provides an audible warning and flashing light prior to opening.

All-New Genesis also offers an electronic parking brake with Automatic Vehicle Hold (AVH) for convenience when driving in traffic. AVH automatically holds the vehicle at a stop until the accelerator pedal is depressed, such as at a traffic signal or while in stationary traffic. The vehicle hold re-engages whenever the vehicle is brought to a complete stop. The new car also includes smart key entry with push-button engine start fitted as standard.