Digital Premiere All-New Kona Electric

- Find out what's special about the All-New Kona Electric.

Digital World Premiere of All-New Kona Electric

Hyundai is driving innovation forward. With its eco-cars, the company already offers the widest range of powertrains. Hyundai is clearly committed to a cleaner future by offering low to zero emission driving solutions. The All-New Kona is the first fully-electric subcompact SUV. It represents the next milestone in Hyundai’s progressive-thinking approach to make eco mobility attractive and affordable for everyone.

Hyundai is launching the new product in the world’s first Digital World Premiere. This approach demonstrates the brand’s progressive mindset, always forward-thinking. At the same time, it underlines the company’s ability to innovate and integrate cutting-edge technology with a strong focus on future mobility solutions. In addition, the digital premiere increases CO2 savings by eliminating the need for journalists to travel.

All-New Kona Electric - Digital Premiere

Click instead of flying

Working as a journalist or influencer has changed dramatically in recent years. Since the shift from traditional to digital media, journalists have had to produce more content in less time and with fewer resources while providing the same exacting quality.

Hyundai wants to help journalists to adapt their work to the new media reality by offering them a tool that is 100 % committed to the digitisation of their work. Hyundai’s first Digital World Premiere of the All-New Kona Electric delivers all the advantages of a classic offline event and presents it just one click away on your device. No time-consuming travel – the digital premiere helps journalists to fully integrate it in their needs and their working day with all of the relevant information and with content assets to ensure what the highest-quality journalism requires.