What can the IONIQ learn from the most iconic cars?

- With its sleek design and three innovative powertrains, the IONIQ is an iconic car in the making. We spoke to Sascha Martini of Razorfish about what it can learn from iconic cars like the Beetle.

What makes an iconic car?

With its curved body shape, the VW Beetle is instantly recognisable. However, the Beetle isn’t considered by many to be iconic for its design alone. Unveiled in Germany in 1938, the Beetle was mass-produced to take advantage of the country’s new road network. One of the first road cars to have a rear-engine, the Beetle was designed to be affordable and cheap to maintain and run.

Cars can be iconic for many reasons, such as design, an innovative use of technology or overall cultural impact. The IONIQ is off to a good start, having recently won a prestigious Red Dot Design Award, and it is the car is the first of its kind to offer three types: full electric, plug-in and hybrid. Martini believes that its cultural impact will lie in its ability to make e-mobility accessible to all.

What the Beetle did for Volkswagen was make mobility accessible for everybody and I think the IONIQ is doing something very similar: it’s making e-mobility accessible for everybody.

Sascha MartiniCEO Razorfish Germany

In the following video, Razorfish Germany’s Sascha Martini explains how the IONIQ can learn from iconic cars such as the Beetle:


What makes the IONIQ iconic?

Over the past decade Hyundai has established itself as a leader in clean technology with a number of innovations, including the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen-powered vehicle with the ix35 Fuel Cell. The IONIQ is the world’s first car with three environmentally-friendly electrical powertrains that use Blue Drive® technology to emit lower levels of pollution and provide higher performance.


“Hyundai can be seen as a real innovator who really made the promise of electric mobility true. It’s one of the first movers who came up with a product and made this product widely accepted. That makes a big difference.” Sascha Martini, CEO Razorfish Germany

Finally, Martini feels that the IONIQ will interest many car-buyers who had not previously considered Hyundai a relevant brand for them. He believes the decision to purchase an IONIQ will ultimately be driven by being convinced of its everyday usability, as well as it ability to make a difference to the world when climate change is at the top of the agenda. The IONIQ doesn't force people to make a compromise.

For more information about the IONIQ, please visit hyundai-ioniq.com.