23.06.2017 Press release

Zero-emission future? Hyundai Fuel Cell Drivers Reach 2 Million Miles

Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell drivers have now accumulated more than two million miles on the roads of Southern and Northern California. Fuel cell technology combines hydrogen fuel with oxygen found in the air to produce electricity, heat, and water. As they only emit water vapour, these cars have replaced approximately 760 tons of CO2 emissions that would otherwise have been emitted by vehicles of similar size and capability.
This marks a new threshold for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the USA, achieved in time for Earth Day 2017, and offers a glimpse of what a zero-emission society could look like. This vision of a future ‘Hydrogen Society’ is among Hyundai Motor’s goals to develop transportation that is clean, efficient, and enhances people’s everyday lives.
Hyundai has delivered more than 140 Fuel Cell crossovers since its introduction as the first mass-produced fuel cell in the U.S. market in 2014. Meanwhile, there are almost 500 ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles on European roads in 13 countries.
Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the US have marked another milestone on Hyundai Motor’s road to a future of clean mobility.

Greater vision into zero-emission potential

Breaking the two-million-mile consumer mileage barrier gives us greater vision into the unlimited zero-emissions potential for Hyundai’s fuel cell vehicles.

Mike O’Brien Vice President, corporate and product planning, Hyundai Motor America

With world governments committing to decreasing their carbon footprints, the need for investment in other fuel sources is increasingly important. More traffic results in higher C02 levels and other pollutants. Hydrogen fuel cell technology represents a real alternative as the only emission is water.
The American milestone is just the latest achievement for Hyundai’s global fuel cell fleet. Hyundai’s ix35 Fuel Cell is the world's first mass-produced and publicly available vehicle of this kind. The award-winning car has previously set a new speed record of 170 km/h on public roads in Europe and achieved the record for the longest road trip with fuel cell vehicles across Europe, covering 2,500km.
Hyundai Motor has a hydrogen fuel cell presence in 14 European countries
Hyundai Motor now has a hydrogen fuel cell presence in 13 European countries and has developed partnerships in cities such as Paris, Munich and Copenhagen to deliver fuel cell vehicles and refuelling infrastructure. It is the first car manufacturer to include a hydrogen charging point at its European headquarters in Offenbach, Germany. Today, there are almost 500 Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell vehicles driving on European roads, more than all other hydrogen fuel cell vehicles from other manufacturers combined.
Hyundai Motor also revealed its new FE Fuel Cell Concept at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show, a car with a form inspired by water. The FE Fuel Cell Concept already hints at the next phase of Hyundai Motor’s eco-vehicle program.
Proving its commitment to further developing this technology in the years to come, Hyundai Motor is also part of the newly-founded ‘Hydrogen Council,’ a collection of thirteen leading energy, transport, and industry companies. They aim to position hydrogen and fuel cell technology as an environmentally friendly solution to the needs of future transportation and mobility.

Consumption Data

ix35 Fuel Cell

Electric engine / Fuel Cell (100 kW (136 PS)): Fuel efficiency combined: 0.95 kg/100 km; urban: 0.89 kg/100 km; extra-urban: 0.99 kg/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 0 g/km


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