25.09.2020 Press release

Two Hyundai Teams to Race in ‘24 Hours Nürburgring’

  • Hyundai Motorsport will run an i30 N TCR and Veloster N TCR joined by Hyundai Team Engstler in an i30 Fastback N at this year’s ‘24 Hours Nürburgring’ race
  • Due to COVID-19, this year’s race will mainly be held without spectators, so Hyundai will livestream the race as a ‘24 Hours Hyundai N Experience’ online event
  • Livestream can be seen at Hyundai.24hracelive.com/ from Sept. 26, 2:30 p.m. to Sept. 27 4:15 p.m. (CEST)

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Hyundai Motorsport will run an i30 N TCR and Veloster N TCR, joined by Hyundai Team Engstler in an i30 Fastback N, at this year’s ‘24 Hours Nürburgring’ endurance race in Nürburg, Germany.

The race is on from Sept. 26 2:30 p.m. to Sept. 27 4:15 p.m. (CEST).

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s ‘24 Hours Nürburgring’ race (officially known as ADAC TOTAL 24HOUR RACE) will only partially open for the public.

Hyundai will present the ‘24 Hours Hyundai N Experience’ as a livestream for the first time ever. Although our N-thusiasts will not to be able to join us on the track this year, we know the online streaming of the race will attract much attention and be more interesting than ever before. We look forward to joining our N-thusiasts and motorsports fans online for this extraordinary event.

Thomas Schemera Executive Vice President and Head of Product Division at Hyundai Motor Group

The livestream can be seen at Hyundai.24hracelive.com/ during the race.

The race takes place on Nürburgring’s notorious Nordschleife – also known as ‘The Green Hell’ – a grueling course over 24-km consisting of 73 corners, tight roads, various elevations, and sharp turns. The race result is calculated based on travel distance over 24 hours, which puts each competitor’s driving performance and durability through the ultimate test.

Hyundai Motorsport team will be led by Manuel Lauck, who will take stints in both i30 N TCR and Veloster N TCR. In the i30 N TCR he will be joined by Luca Engstler, Antti Buri and Hari Proczyk. Sharing the Veloster N TCR will be Marc Basseng, Moritz Oestreich and Peter Terting. Meanwhile, Hyundai Engstler Team drivers include Markus Lungstrass, Kai Jordan and Marc Ehret.

This is Hyundai Motorsport N Team’s fifth consecutive showing at the annual Nürburgring 24 Hours Race, which takes place in Nürburg, Germany. After taking a double class podium in 2019, the team is looking to take a first win at the event.

'Born in Namyang and honed at the Nürburgring' is what we say quite proudly of our Hyundai N. We have very high standards when it comes to product development for our N brand. That’s why we chose the legendary Nordschleife at Nürburgring, possibly the most difficult and harshest track in the world, to test and optimize the powertrain, chassis, suspension and brakes, and the whole driving balance of the Hyundai N high-performance cars. We cannot separate Nürburgring from the story of how N was created. Nürburgring is our true second home.

Albert Biermann President and Head of R&D Division, Hyundai Motor Group

Hyundai N is a young brand of Hyundai Motor Company that creates exciting high-performance vehicles, with plans to introduce up to five new N models and over 10 new N Line models. Its high-performance cars have won multiple races in the FIA World Rally Championship, regional and national TCR series and the Nürburgring’s NLS series, in addition to the podium finishes in the 24 Hours Nürburgring.

One of Hyundai’s main N brand pillars is racetrack capability, because the company wants to make sure that its customers can experience driving performance that is fit for the racetrack. N’s technical developments and continuous optimizations are also carried out at Hyundai’s technical center located at the Nürburgring. Through the participation in the ‘24 Hours Nürburgring’ race, the company continues to show the robustness of N vehicles.


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