11.07.2016 Press release

Refuelling the future: New public hydrogen station in Germany

  • First public hydrogen station at a car manufacturer’s headquarters in Germany
  • Scheduled to open at European headquarters in Offenbach this summer
  • Making zero emission mobility more accessible by enhancing Germany’s hydrogen station infrastructure

Press material

Hyundai Motor Europe’s headquarters will become home to a hydrogen station operated by Air Liquide this summer.
The station, which is partially funded by Air Liquide and the Clean Energy Partnership, will enable all drivers of fuel cell electric vehicles to refill their zero-emission vehicles in only three to five minutes thanks to high-pressure technology developed by Air Liquide.
With the opening of a new public Air Liquide hydrogen station at our headquarters, Hyundai Motor is once again contributing to the development of hydrogen-powered mobility. We are the first car manufacturer in Germany to have a public refuelling station on site, making zero-emission driving with fuel cell cars more accessible to everyone.

Thomas A. Schmid Chief Operating Officer

Hydrogen station with state-of-the-art technology

The Air Liquide hydrogen station will fill the pressure-proof tanks of fuel cell vehicles at a pressure of 700 bar, specified to the latest technology standards and improving the refuelling time. The new technology enables fuel tanks to utilise their full capacity and thereby nearly double the driving range of fuel cell cars. The new station’s daily capacity of 200 kg of hydrogen is sufficient to fuel over 30 vehicles a day.

Protecting the environment with hydrogen

The Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) was founded in 2002 to establish hydrogen as an eco-friendly fuel and help the European Union to meet its targets of reducing harmful greenhouse gas emission by 80 percent by 2050. 20 companies active in the production of fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen, infrastructure and public transport partnered to advance hydrogen mobility and infrastructure. With the new hydrogen station Hyundai Motor and Air Liquide are contributing to the CEP’s mission by not only ensuring the availability of efficient fuel cell vehicles, but also by helping to create an infrastructure necessary to operate the vehicles. 
Many cities are increasingly facing problems with emissions. Offenbach is delighted that Hyundai Motor supports counteracting this problem and offers its grounds to Air Liquide for such an environment-friendly project in our city. The new hydrogen station not only demonstrates Hyundai Motor’s commitment to innovation; it also strengthens Offenbach’s status as a city for the future.

Horst Schneider Offenbach’s Mayor

Hydrogen on the rise in Germany

There are currently about 20 hydrogen stations in Germany with a lot more to come: the German Government plans and subsidises the construction of 400 stations until 2023. Some of the most important German metropolitan areas like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart already have hydrogen stations.

594 kilometres on a tank of hydrogen - with zero emissions

The ix35 Fuel Cell is the world's first mass-produced and commercially available fuel cell electric vehicle. FCEVs are not a newly developed technology for Hyundai Motor. The ix35 Fuel Cell is its fourth-generation FCEV, following the Santa Fe FCEV in 2000, the Tucson FCEV in 2004 and the ix35 FCEV in 2012. Currently there are more than 300 Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles on European roads in 12 countries. That is more than all the FCEVs of other manufacturers combined. Its powerful asynchronous electric motor generates 100 kW or 136 PS, and with a maximum torque of 300 Nm it delivers a fun-to-drive experience. Thanks to its efficiency, the ix35 Fuel Cell’s range is 594 kilometres on a full tank.


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