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Paris Motor Show: 10 best press reactions to i30 Fastback N

At this year’s Paris Motor Show, Hyundai Motor’s star attraction was the All-New i30 Fastback N, which had its world premiere at the event.
At the 2018 Paris Motor Show, Hyundai Motor unveiled its latest high-performance car, the well-received All-New i30 Fastback N. Here’s how the international motoring press reacted to it.
The company’s second high-performance model in Europe after the i30 N, the All-New i30 Fastback N combines a sophisticated and elegant design with the proven N fun-to-drive factor and is the first five-door hot coupe in the C-segment.
We’ve trawled through articles from across the global media to bring you the ten best press reactions to the All-New i30 Fastback N.

1. Top Gear

The BBC’s Top Gear praises the All-New i30 Fastback N for its combination of style and practicality, reiterating its love for the i30 N, on which it is based. As well as looking like a high-performance car, the i30 Fastback N also features a lot of space inside.
You still get a 450-litre boot and five doors, so anyone seduced by the cute tail won’t be too hard-done by on space. And they’ll end up with one of Top Gear’s absolute favourite real-world fast cars of 2018, if the sensational hatch is anything to go by.

Top Gear

2. Auto Express

UK car bible Auto Express cheers the All-New i30 Fastback N’s design, considering it to be “a more ‘elegant’ and ‘sophisticated’ alternative to the regular i30 N”.
In its review, the magazine notes how Hyundai appears to have spotted a gap in the market.
The i30 Fastback N sits in a more exclusive area of the market without direct competition.

Auto Express

3. Auto Trader

Another UK publication, Auto Trader, says that while the All-New i30 Fastback N’s look shares many similarities with the i30 N, it features several design flourishes of its own.
The [All-New i30 Fastback N’s] redesigned back end features a unique rear bumper including triangular-shaped rear foglamps and a glossy black rear spoiler.

Auto Trader

4. Motor1.com

Automotive website Motor1.com praises the All-New i30 Fastback N, which it says “blends performance with style”. In its analysis of Hyundai’s new model, it praised the brand for creating an everyday sports car that doesn’t compromise when it comes to performance.
Hyundai’s brand spanking new i30 Fastback N is here as a more practical sports car without sacrificing any of the performance.


5. Auto Motor Und Sport

Germany’s Auto Motor Und Sport draws comparisons to the All-New i30 Fastback N’s stablemate, Hyundai Motor’s successful i30 N which, it says, “has proven its driving dynamics competence several times already.”
The renowned car publication goes on to praise the i30 Fastback N as a worthy addition to Hyundai’s burgeoning N family, saying it “is as strong and fast as the hatchback… underpinning a good name.”

6. Auto Zeitung

Another German publication, Auto Zeitung also believes the i30 Fastback N can sit proudly alongside the i30 N, saying Hyundai’s new high-performance car “complements the N Division”.
In reference to its extensive testing phase, the magazine admires chief developer Albert Biermann for managing to create a strong suspension that ensures the car remains comfortable to drive or ride in.
In countless test runs over the Nürburgring Nordschleife, chief developer Albert Biermann has finalised the compact sports car’s suspension without forgetting the comfort aspect.

Auto Zeitung

7. Auto News

France’s Auto News describes the All-New i30 Fastback N as “an exotic model in more ways than one”.
Referencing how the All-New i30 Fastback N combines the sportiness of the i30 N with the coupe body of the i30 Fastback, Auto News states that “it’s difficult to find a direct competitor to this particularly exotic car”.

8. Motorionline

Italian website Motorionline praises the All-New i30 Fastback N’s uncompromising, sporty design for not sacrificing room inside the car.
The sporty exterior design does not sacrifice interior space: the luggage compartment features 450 litres in the standard configuration up to a maximum of 1,351 litres with the rear seats lowered.


9. Motorpasion

Spanish car website Motorpasion reserves particular praise for the All-New i30 Fastback N’s design aspects, including the exclusive Shadow Grey body paint.
It also had warm words for Hyundai for creating a car that added practicality to its aesthetics.
The Hyundai i30 Fastback N adds practicality to the sports range of the Korean manufacturer.


10. ABC

Finally, another Spanish publication, ABC, describes the All-New i30 Fastback N as “a true sports car for daily use also suitable for the circuit”.
As well as noting its sportiness, the newspaper was very positive about the car’s design, describing it as “elegant and avant-garde”.


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