03.12.2020 Press release

Nicole Scott joins Hyundai’s H2U to explore hydrogen FC ecosystem

In her Hyundai H2U “Discovery Series,” Mobile Geeks co-founder Nicole Scott deep-dives into the topic of zero-emission hydrogen technology and how it is emerging today in transportation and urban infrastructures. Scott takes a look at everything from personal eco-mobility to hydrogen-powered trucks to the formation of a Hydrogen Society.

Mobile Geeks co-founder makes the connection between the Fuel Cell tech in the Hyundai NEXO and the growth of a zero-emission “Hydrogen Society”.

As a powerful voice for Hyundai’s company vision Progress for Humanity, the 2020 H2U advocacy program is raising public awareness of Hyundai’s leadership in Fuel Cell (FC) technology and the company’s role in helping build an entire hydrogen ecosystem that encompasses eco-mobility, low-carbon industries and sustainable lifestyles.

The eco-mobility conversation is about more than just a battery; it’s about how hydrogen fuel-cell technology can transform entire systems to create a model of true sustainability.

Nicole Scott Mobile Geeks co-founder

Scott is one among a team of H2U ambassadors who each bring a different perspective on the topic of game-changing hydrogen FC tech. Her unique understanding of technological innovations, combined with her international audience of “mobile geeks,” brings Hyundai’s hydrogen tech leadership into the spotlight. Scott is also joining forces with fellow H2U ambassador Don Dahlmann to produce a documentary on the topic of hydrogen innovations.

One such innovation is the Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell electric vehicle (FCEV), a zero-emission, hydrogen-powered car that signals both a sustainable advancement in individual mobility and the larger context of urban infrastructures. When the hydrogen carried by fuel cells is created from renewable energy like solar and wind, FCs have the potential to be a lynchpin of a green economy. NEXO’s air intake system also purifies the air that is supplied to the fuel cells, which then emit only water vapor. This means FCs essentially clean the air instead of polluting it, an essential component of Hyundai’s vision for a “Hydrogen Society.”

Explore the H2U program to learn more about Nicole Scott’s hydrogen discoveries and Hyundai’s commitment to Progress for Humanity.


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