08.06.2016 Press release

Know where to go - Hyundai offers free Lifetime MapCare™ *

  • New Lifetime MapCare ™* keeps navigation maps and software up—to-date
  • For new and used Hyundai cars from 2010, at no extra cost
  • Industry-leading update service package to deliver value beyond expectations

Press material

Hyundai Motor Europe GmbH has launched its new Lifetime MapCare™* programme, providing free annual map and software updates for all Hyundai cars with a built-in navigation system from 2010 onwards.
The update is hassle-free for the customer since your Hyundai dealer can help you during the annual service. The Lifetime MapCare™* programme is a unique service for customers of new and used Hyundai cars and one of the longest programmes offered by a car manufacturer. The initiative is another step in Hyundai Motor Europe approach to deliver products and services beyond customers’ expectations.
The comprehensive Lifetime MapCare™* programme designed together with location cloud company HERE encompasses all of Europe, helping to make even long-distance, pan-European route planning truly worry-free with highly accurate map data. The updates cover the full navigation system – constantly optimising route calculations, usability and visual appearance – as well as the latest Bluetooth connectivity software, ensuring that Hyundai customers in Europe can safely use the latest generation smartphones and features in their car at any time.
We are constantly striving to improve customers’ experience of Hyundai car ownership and deliver value beyond expectations for the long term. The Lifetime MapCare™* programme delivers a genuine bonus for our customers, improving residual values and providing a significant cost saving.

Bas Kasteel Vice President Customer Service

Compared to manual updates of the mapping data, Lifetime MapCare™* helps customers save at least 1000 Euro in cost for map and software updates over the entire period. The updates can be carried out free of charge during the vehicle’s annual maintenance at the customer’s Hyundai dealer. Furthermore, Lifetime MapCare™* is transferable to a new owner when the car is sold.
*Lifetime MapCare™ is the commercial term of Hyundai’s subscription to MapCare™ programme by which annual map updates will be provided for the eligible Hyundai vehicles for a minimum period of ten years after the model’s end of production. 


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