16.11.2020 Press release

Hyundai reinvents mobility with VIVe

  • Hyundai Motor Spain launches VIVe: the first 100% electric rural carsharing service to facilitate mobility in rural areas of Spain
  • After the pilot project in Campisábalos (Guadalajara) received a good reception, Hyundai is committed to extending this service nationwide thanks to its network of dealers
  • La Hiruela, in the mountains of Madrid, is the setting for the launch of this service, which in the coming months will reach more than 40 towns in Spain
  • VIVe is another example of Hyundai's commitment to offering sustainable and accessible transportation solutions for everyone

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Hyundai is reinventing mobility in rural areas of Spain.

Following the success of a pilot project in Campisábalos (Guadalajara), Hyundai is extending VIVe, the first 100% electric carsharing service, to rural areas throughout Spain. In the first expansion phase of the project, 10 towns have already joined this new sustainable mobility solution. La Hiruela, in the mountains of Madrid, has become the setting to inaugurate this pioneering service, representing a further step in Hyundai's commitment to offering sustainable and accessible mobility for everyone.

The 70 residents registered in La Hiruela already have an electric Hyundai KONA at their disposal that will allow them to easily move around the amazing area of the Sierra del Rincón, a space declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. With VIVe, people from La Hiruela will be able to enjoy this shared transport alternative that, thanks to the 100% electric and emission-free technology of this model, will allow them to move around the area while respecting the natural environment of Sierra Norte de Madrid (northern mountains of Madrid).

In an event organised together with the City Council of La Hiruela, Ignacio Merino Jiménez, mayor of the town; Rafael Pastor Martín, Commissioner of the Government of the Region of Madrid for the Revitalisation of Rural Municipalities, and Leopoldo Satrústegui, General Manager of Hyundai Motor Spain, launched the VIVe project nationwide.

The spirit of this initiative arises from Hyundai's commitment to offering transportation solutions and alternatives that respond to society's demands and, above all, make them accessible to all.

Aware of the difficulties and limitations in some rural areas in Spain, a year ago we launched the first rural and electric carsharing in Campisábalos, Guadalajara. The good reception this service has received has highlighted the need to continue committing to inclusive mobility and improving transport conditions in rural areas. Hyundai goes one step further with VIVe, reinforcing its commitment to sustainable mobility and its goal of improving peoples’ quality of life.

Leopoldo Satrústegui General Manager of Hyundai Motor Spain

With this transportation alternative, the residents of La Hiruela will be able to easily travel to nearby towns like Buitrago, or to go to the doctor or shopping without depending on the limited frequency of buses. This Hyundai service shows that technology and innovation are compatible with the rural world, offering a new opportunity for these areas.

Ignacio Merino Mayor of La Hiruela

In addition, Rafael Pastor Martín, Commissioner of the Government of the Region of Madrid for the Revitalisation of Rural Municipalities, has highlighted the public-private collaboration thanks to which the residents of the towns of the depopulated areas of the Madrid mountains will be able to face the challenges of lack of services and communication that they face in this moment.

The commencement of the scheme in La Hiruela has been the starting point for the nationwide expansion of this service. In the coming weeks, this shared mobility alternative from Hyundai will reach other towns in Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Extremadura, the Balearic Islands and Madrid. The forecast is to have more than 40 participating towns by the end of this year and to reach 80 by the end of 2021. With VIVe, Hyundai lays the foundations to create a sustainable and rural mobility network for emptied Spain.

VIVe: Hyundai's rural carsharing in one click

Any town with less than 10,000 inhabitants may request the arrival of this new shared and clean mobility at the nearest Hyundai dealership. The Hyundai dealer network will be in charge of making the service available, as well as offering the necessary support for its implementation.

With this service, the residents registered in the towns adhered to VIVe will be able to enjoy the service for free, in a first phase, for three months. After this period, the service will begin to be paid and anyone who approaches the town will be able to use the vehicle through the VIVe App, developed and created exclusively for this initiative by Dealerbest. Through this platform, users can easily manage the reservation of the vehicle and unlock it for use, as well as report any damage or know the available fleet. In addition, this App supervises the correct use of the service, for example, limiting movements within a radius of up to 150km.

Additionally, Hyundai will be responsible for the installation of a recharging point in the town, which will also serve as a point of delivery and collection of the vehicle.

The arrival of this new transport concept for rural areas is one more example of Hyundai's commitment to the environment and its goal of humanizing mobility by bringing its pioneering technology to people with concrete solutions adapted to all needs and demands.

Hyundai Kona: ECO line-up


The Hyundai KONA is a compact electric SUV that offers great autonomy, with a range of 484km in combined use and 660km in the city. Its design and all-road performance allow this vehicle to adapt to the particularities of rural roads.


Hyundai consolidates its position as a benchmark company in ecomobility, not only because it’s the only brand in the market with five electric technologies, but also thanks to its leadership and commitment by creating and expanding new sustainable transport solutions, which respond to the needs of society in a simple and inclusive way.


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