17.07.2014 Press release

Hyundai Motor building sustainable European business in 2014

  • Sales to private and corporate customers ahead of industry growth
  • Europe-focused models proving most popular with car-buyers
  • European plants on track to deliver 500.000 units in 2014

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Hyundai Motor has posted positive gains in Europe during 2014, with the company’s European-made cars proving most popular with consumers.
Hyundai Motor has posted positive gains in Europe during 2014, with the company’s European-made cars proving most popular with consumers.
In Europe’s top five markets by volume , Hyundai increased sales to private customers and corporate fleets during the first five months of the year by 13,1% and 17,8% respectively - ahead of industry growth in both sectors.
Hyundai Motor is growing sales in the right areas, rather than pursuing market share gains at any cost. Our European manufacturing plants continue to play an important role in our success.

Allan Rushforth Senior Vice President and COO of Hyundai Motor Europe

Hyundai’s two European plants in the Czech Republic and Turkey have the capability to build 500.000 units per annum, mostly for Europe. Both facilities are on track to deliver maximum capacity in 2014, thanks to local and global demand for the Europe-focused cars.
In the Czech Republic, Hyundai built 159.529 units in the first half of 2014, an increase of 2,6% over 2013. The number of Czech-built Hyundai cars sold within the European Union (EU) grew by 5% year-on-year, with nearly 70% of all cars built at the Nošovice plant sold across the 28 member states. The compact-SUV ix35, one of three models built at the plant, sold 46.610 units, a 6% increase over 2013. A further 40.800 examples of the car were sold to customers outside the EU.
Hyundai’s manufacturing facility in Izmit, Turkey, produced over 100.000 vehicles in the first half of 2014, of which 50% were New Generation i10. The new A-segment challenger, which started production at the beginning of 2014, sold 42.344 units between January and June, a 42% increase over sales of the outgoing model during the same period last year. The plant, which also builds the B-segment i20 for Europe, celebrated producing one million units in July.
Allan Rushforth added: “European demand for our European-built cars has gone up this year, which is very encouraging. At the same time, global demand for these models allows us to focus on growing our European business organically without the need to stimulate growth artificially.”
“We expect to re-balance our market share as we introduce new models to Europe from the end of 2014 onwards,” Rushforth concluded.
With registrations of 219.617 cars, Hyundai took a 3,2% share of the European new car market during the first half of 2014, according to figures released today by European automotive industry body ACEA.


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