30.10.2019 Press release

Hyundai launches the first 100% electric rural carsharing in Spain

  • Hyundai Motor Spain launches the first 100% electric rural carsharing service in Spain
  • The initiative starts in Campisábalos, the town with the cleanest air in Spain according to the World Health Organisation
  • Through an app, created specifically to support this service, residents can manage the reservation of the vehicle
  • VIVe is an example of Hyundai's commitment to clean technology and sustainable mobility

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Hyundai Motor Spain has launched VIVe, the first rural carsharing service in Spain.

The only brand with five ECO technologies available on the market once again demonstrates its commitment to the environment by creating solutions for the mobility of the future.

As part our commitment to clean technology research, we launched VIVe, the first rural carsharing service in Spain that uses 100% electric technology, which is an efficient solution for rural mobility and for which we have relied on the functionality offered by electric technology.

Leopoldo Satrustegui General Director of Hyundai Motor Spain

This innovative service, pioneering in our country, starts in Campisábalos, the town with the cleanest air in Spain according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), whose report on air quality certifies this quiet town as the third least polluted in the world and first in Spain. With the aim that this municipality in Guadalajara, with narrow streets and stone houses, remains the town with the purest air and also an example of cleaner mobility, Hyundai is making one of the latest models from the Full Electric range available to the town, the Hyundai KONA Electric, which was named the best car of the year. The free and shared use of this urban SUV model will allow residents to move around easily for a year thanks to its ideal features for the particularities of the roads that surround this corner of the Sierra de Pela.

With VIVe, Hyundai reinforces its commitment to sustainable mobility by putting technological innovation at the service of the rural world.

[The service] pursues the authenticity of rural living and puts the technology at its centre. We have started in Campisábalos because we want its residents to continue enjoying the fresh air that has given them international recognition and, also, the silence of their streets. VIVe breaks the stereotype that innovation is incompatible with the rural world and we hope to roll out this project in other parts of Spain.

Elena Gris Marketing Director of Hyundai Motor Spain

Connectivity for rural Spain

While 97% of the population in Spain suffers from the harmful effects of pollution levels higher than levels recommended by the WHO, according to a study by Ecologists in Action1, residents of this enclave in the north of Guadalajara live outside of the effects of this health emergency. However, its mayor, Pedro José María de Pablo, points out other challenges:

We have good air quality precisely because there is nothing around us. The problem of rural Spain is relevant in all the small towns in the north of Guadalajara. I am sure that this Hyundai solution is helping to revive life in the town and improve our connectivity. With this electric car, we can move more easily to nearby towns, where we have to go for basic services for our residents such as the pharmacy, the outpatients’ clinic or just to buy bread.

Pedro Jose María de Pablo Mayor of Campisábalos

The electrical functionality of the Hyundai KONA comes to this paradise of pure air and quiet routines to help in the daily lives of the Calabreses, as the inhabitants of this town are known.

Living in such a small town, the cost of transport is quite high, and also having your own car forces you to spend more than 30 euros on fuel just to go to Guadalajara. Now we can make use of this car with zero environmental impact, similar to other options that already exist in Madrid or other major cities. And who knows if, with this Hyundai car, Campisábalos could become the town with the cleanest air in the world.

Álvaro Chicharro Youngest resident of Campisábalos

Rural carsharing in one click

The VIVe car-sharing service is completely free for residents of Campisábalos who are registered and have a driving licence. Through the 'Carsharing Rural VIVe de Hyundai' mobile application, developed and created exclusively for this initiative by Dealer Best, residents can manage the reservation of the vehicle and unlock it for use. The system also monitors the correct use of the service, limiting reservations to a maximum of 24 hours or limiting travel within a radius of up to 170 km. Recharging the vehicle is made possible thanks to the two points installed by Hyundai for the supply of electricity.

All the details of the service have been presented in a meeting with the representatives of Hyundai held at the 'The Mensario' Interpretation Centre, where residents have been able to activate their accounts to manage the application. For those who do not have a smartphone, Hyundai has also provided a mobile phone for shared use.

Javier del Val, Product Manager at Hyundai, has presented the technology of the Hyundai KONA Electric, which offers an autonomy of up to 449 km, and has informed the residents about the charging system of the electric vehicle and about some everyday factors that affect battery performance, such as road conditions, temperature and driving style.

It will take a little getting used to, to begin with, but the important thing is that it works. In addition, all the technology that is based on protecting the environment and the planet is beneficial and should continue to be further encouraged. Everything that comes to town and makes Campisábalos live and survive in a way that is also technologically clean and protects our environment, is phenomenal.

Rosario Alcaide Resident of Campisábalos

For more information about the service visit: HyundaiVive

1 Report: Air quality in Spain during 2018. Ecologists in Action


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