07.05.2020 Press release

How Hyundai is taking its TCR success to ETCR

  • Hyundai’s performances in racing series such as WTCR and the WRC have established it as a competitive player in motorsport
  • Electrified motorsport not only makes racing greener, but also gives manufacturers the chance to showcase new technologies
  • Hyundai underlines its position as one of the global leaders in developing and producing electric vehicles for the road

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Throughout the years, Hyundai has established itself as an important motorsport player as titles in both FIA WTCR and the FIA WRC show.

With electric motorsport on the rise, it brings with it the opportunity to showcase future-oriented technologies and cleaner racing, building on the company’s experiences of delivering electric cars for the road.

Hyundai aims to once again become a competitive player in electric racing, which represents the perfect marriage between two of the company’s key pillars: performance and progress.

i30 N TCR: using a production vehicle as the basis for a racing car

The TCR category has given Hyundai the opportunity to prove itself in motorsport. Hyundai’s racing car, the i30 N TCR, showcases how a production vehicle can be the optimal basis for a competitive racing car.

Ever since its debut, the i30 N TCR has been a frontrunner in championships around the world. Despite the competitiveness of the category, it has won two consecutive driver’s titles in FIA WTCR, as well as national series in Germany, Russia, Malaysia and Australia and regional series in Europe, Asia and North America. In 2020, the i30 N TCR won titles in seven different series around the world.

Based on the road-going i30 N model and built in accordance with TCR regulations, the i30 N TCR is powered by a two-litre turbocharged engine connected to a six-speed sequential gearbox. It features front-wheel drive and is fitted with a 100-litre fuel tank.

The i30 N TCR is just an excellent all-round package. The handling, the engine, the balance of the chassis – it’s all incredibly strong.

Gabriele Tarquini Winner of the 2019 FIA WTCR driver’s title

To Gabriele Tarquini, the car is just as important as the driver and the team behind him: “Of course, to be a champion anywhere you must be a good driver, and have a good team behind you, but you also need a fast car – and the i30 N TCR is definitely one of those.”

Veloster N ETCR: Hyundai’s first-ever electric race car

The development of an ETCR car allows Hyundai Motorsport to utilise its expertise in touring cars, seen so far in the i30 N TCR and Veloster N TCR. ETCR is the ideal opportunity to combine power-driven, sporty vehicles with alternative energy sources, adding a new dimension to Hyundai’s success and strategy in motorsport.

The Veloster N ETCR is Hyundai’s first-ever electric race car. Based on the road-going Veloster N model, it has been designed specifically for the new ETCR category, which will debut in 2020. It offers rear-wheel drive with a mid-mounted motor, the first time Hyundai Motorsport has developed such a vehicle.

The 798-volt battery pack from Williams Advanced Engineering boasts a peak power output of 500 kw and a continuous power of 300 kw, and is located in the floor of the car.

The rear-wheel drive racer capitalises on Hyundai Motorsport’s expertise in touring car racing and, like the i20 R5, the i30 N TCR, the Veloster N TCR and i20 Coupe WRC, it has been built at the team’s headquarters in Alzenau, Germany.

Obviously, there’s a massive difference in how the electric motor delivers its power compared to the standard petrol engine. The acceleration is really strong – I would say it’s one of the best aspects of the car. We still have some development work to do, but in the testing with the Veloster N ETCR we’ve already made some big improvements. The i30 N TCR was the first circuit racer from Hyundai Motorsport, and it’s gone on to win all around the world. I’m confident that the Veloster N ETCR – as the first electric Hyundai race car – can be just as successful.

Augusto Farfus Hyundai Motorsport’s ETCR test driver


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