25.11.2019 Press release

CRADLE Start-Ups: Percepto Robotics Ltd.

Quick Facts

  • Theme: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision
  • Year founded: 2014
  • Development stage: Sales
  • Locations: Israel, United States (Palo Alto)
  • Business model: BWB – product and service fee
  • Current funding: B round
  • Main Investors: Emerge Fund, US Venture Partners, Hyundai
  • Status with Hyundai: PoCs and initial sales with Hyundai Autoever and Hyundai Steel

Press material

Solving Operational Challenges From Above

Solving Operational Challenges From Above

The technology

Autonomous Drones for site security, inspection and risk reduction.

The Percepto System consists of three parts:

  • The autonomous, weatherproof Sparrow drone is equipped with state of the art machine vision technology for identifying and tracking objects of interest.
  • The drone sensor. Dual sensor payloads allow for UHD (4k) video streaming, recorded video, imagery collection for photography or orthomosaic maps, and night vision.
  • The Percepto Base, an industrial-grade, weatherproof, portable base station. When not in operation, the drone resides in the base, ready to launch at a moment’s notice. The base charges the drone when not in use and facilitates secure data upload to the PerceptoCore.

How it works

  • RT computer vision technology, enabling autonomous drone fleet management
  • End to end AI stack for Autonomous Drone system
  • Fully deployed & operational Drone-In-A-Box platforms


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