25.11.2019 Press release

CRADLE Start-Ups: De-Identification Ltd.

Quick Facts

  • Theme: Cybersecurity for face image privacy
  • Year founded: 2017
  • Development stage: Initial Sales
  • Locations: Israel
  • Business model: B2B; licensing and integration fee
  • Current funding: Raised $9M to date
  • Main Investors: Pitango VC, Y Combinator, Hyundai
  • Status with Hyundai: Exploring value to various HMC R&D teams

Press material

Beyond privacy & identity protection

Beyond privacy & identity protection

The technology

De-Identification Ltd., or De-ID, produced the first facial de-identification solution to protect privacy without influencing usability. This was in the form of an AI solution that protects computer vision data from identity thefts and frauds.

Their technology solutions include:

  • D-ID : Scrambling FR algorithm, while maintaining human vision similarity
  • SafeFace : Enabling companies using D-ID to authenticate their end users while protecting their employees identity
  • De-Adversarial : Strengthening computer vision to avoid adversarial attacks (i.e. misinterpret Stop sign as Go) in AV era

How it works

D-ID’s unique technology applies deep-learning methodologies to enhance privacy and ensure regulatory compliance by removing unnecessary sensitive biometric data from facial images. Completely seamless and transparent, D-ID-protected photos look no different to the human eye. Yet D-ID photos cannot be decrypted or reverse-engineered – outsmarting even the most advanced facial recognition engines. By allowing companies and individuals to store, share and post images in a privacy-secured manner, this makes D-ID one of the world’s leading identity theft protection companies.


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