25.11.2019 Press release

CRADLE Start-Ups: Audioburst

Quick Facts

  • Theme: Artificial Intelligence (AI), applications
  • Year founded: 2015
  • Development stage: Sales
  • Locations: Israel, United States (New York and Palo Alto), Japan
  • Business model: B2B2C – usage fees (ads or subscription) and B2B licensing and integration fee
  • Current funding: Corporate Round (post A-Round)
  • Main Investors: Samsung, AMI Inc., Nippon Broadcasting, Flint Capital, Mobileye investors consortium, 2B-Angels , 83North Elron, Dentsu and Hyundai
  • Status with Hyundai: Initial collaboration with Hyundai Infotainment Unit

Press material

Leverage the power of personalized audio

Leverage the power of personalized audio

The technology

Audioburst is developing a personalised, on-demand, AI-based voice audio search platform.

How it works

Audioburst AI technology builds a ‘listening identity’ for each user based on their search queries, reactions and listening habits to deliver personalised content. This unique technology is designed to understand spoken-word audio content in real time, with the ability to extract topical stories and surface them based on user intent.

Patent was applied on Topic Segmentation of Unstructured Text and BOT framework, real-time segmentation and Q&A Content retrieval.

By integration with infotainments, Audioburst suggests a new in-car listening experience. Audioburst has agreement with Harman to include Audioburst solution as a service and as content provider within their offering as well as integrations with automotive Tier-1 and OEM.


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