25.11.2019 Press release

CRADLE Start-Ups: allegro.ai

Quick Facts

  • Theme: Deep Learning / Computer Vision
  • Year founded: 2016
  • Development stage: development stage (initial sales)
  • Locations: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Business model: B2B
  • Main Investors: Samsung, Bosch, Hyundai, MizMaa

Status with Hyundai: Collaborative discussions with Hyundai S&TD AIR Labs, Hyundai Mobis and Hyundai Autoever

Press material

Delivering a Tailor-Made Computer Vision Solution for Your Needs.

Delivering a Tailor-Made Computer Vision Solution for Your Needs.

The context

The automotive industry is undergoing a revolution driven by deep-learning based perception. Autonomous vehicles (AV), set to turn the industry on its head, require at their core a perception “brain” in the vehicle to enable them to autonomously navigate the physical world. Not only L5 autonomous vehicles require a perception brain, but certainly all ADAS solutions do.

  • In-cabin monitoring for driver and passenger safety, and for media and entertainment use cases.
  • Visual quality control in the plant production lines.

OEMs, Tier1s and other companies are all struggling with the enormous challenges inherent in bringing these new products to market.  Allegro AI’s tools and solutions are already in service at some of the world’s leading brands in healthcare and radiology.

The technology

Allegro AI is a deep learning computer vision (CV) and perception company that enables customers to deploy best-of-breed CV solutions. Allegro AI’s enterprise platform facilitates users to seamlessly manage CV and signal processing products throughout the entire lifecycle, from data management and modeling to deployment and continuous learning. Allegro Trains is an open-source software for AI experiment management and version control, while Allegro AI’s Project Labs develops and orchestrates your CV project for you. Allegro AI’s customers include global leaders that span the automotive, media, medical, security, construction and other industries.


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