26.04.2018 Press release

8 things you need to know about the All-New Kona Electric

They’re calling it the model that’s going to disrupt the electric car market. The All-New Kona Electric is being hailed as a game-changer in eco mobility. Here are eight reasons why.

On show to the world at the recent 2018 Geneva Motor Show, Hyundai Motor’s All-New Kona Electric combines its environmentally-friendly credentials with the shape and roominess of an SUV. It represents the next milestone in Hyundai’s goal to make eco mobility attractive and affordable for everyone.
The Kona Electric has been proclaimed by Hyundai Motor as the world’s first fully-electric subcompact SUV. Unique, innovative, fun, and funky are just some of the ways the Kona Electric has been described, while it has also been hailed as a glimpse of what the future of driving could look like.
Here are the eight things you need to know about Hyundai’s latest eco driver:

1. It had the world’s first digital world premiere

The unveiling of the Hyundai Kona Electric was developed with journalists and digital influencers in mind. Negating the need for travel and reducing its CO2 footprint, the premiere also reinforced the eco-friendly message. Comprehensive stats, facts and information were fed alongside high-quality assets at the click of a mouse to ensure an innovative and truly digitised reveal to the connected world.

2. It can go the distance

The Kona’s long-range battery offers a massively impressive best-in-class reach of 482 kilometres on a single charge. The distance has been calculated using the new European WLTP regulations which are designed to return more realistic results than other tests to date.

3. It leads the charge

The Kona Electric shorter-range battery option can be re-charged with alternating current (AC) in 6 hours 10 minutes. The long-range battery will charge in 9 hours 40 minutes. Connected to a 100kW fast charger, the 64 kWh battery pack can be charged up to 80% in less than one hour, only 54 minutes.

4. It’s designed to turn heads

The All-New Kona Electric boasts the eye-catching expressive design of the standard Kona. However, the Electric sports its own unique feature with the closed grille giving the front of the car a clean and modern appearance. Composite lights are available with full LED technology, while aerodynamically optimised 17” alloy wheel complement 21 different exterior colour combinations for owners to choose from.

5. It merges two red-hot industry trends

SUV performance, style, and features, combined with the push towards eco mobility are major trends in the European motor industry. The Kona Electric ticks those boxes by delivering a stylish B-SUV with a full electric powertrain. With this model, Hyundai Motor is the first to enter the European market with this combination.

6. It doesn’t compromise

Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Marketing & Product of Hyundai Motor Europe has hailed the Kona Electric as the manufacturer’s “car of no compromise.” Cutting-edge and sustainable technology is coupled with modern design and style in a car that is an affordable and accessible option for eco-conscious European drivers.
It’s a real SUV. Our customers won’t miss anything about this emotional and stylish eco-car.

Andreas-Christoph Hofmann Vice President Marketing & Product of Hyundai Motor Europe

In the past, there may have been some scepticism about electric vehicles but the performance, range and SUV style of the Kona Electric silence the doubters.

7. It features cutting edge technology and safety features

There’s also no compromise when it comes to tech, connectivity and active safety features. The new seven-inch console can relay system information to the driver such as battery charge state and the energy flow between powertrain components. A head-up display projects data directly into the driver’s line of sight. There’s an optional eight-inch navigation system with smart device synching through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and the KRELL Premium Sound system.
The active safety features of the standard Kona are all there with the option for Intelligent Speed Limit Warning to identify road speed and Lane Following Assist, designed to keep the car in the centre of the lane. A new radar-based Smart Cruise Control system with Stop & Go automatically regulates accelerating and braking performance, adding to the comfort of the Kona Electric driving experience.

8. It’s just the latest model in Hyundai’s vision for future eco mobility

Hyundai Motor’s goal is to make eco-friendly technology accessible to everyone. The Kona Electric is among 30 new models and derivatives to be launched in Europe by 2021 aimed at positioning Hyundai as the number one Asian car brand in the continent.
According to Thomas A. Schmid, Senior Vice President & COO of Hyundai Motor Europe:
By then 60% of our European line-up will be available with alternative powertrains. We believe the future will be electric and fuel cell driven.


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